The ULTIMATE Mistoffelees

Why did I not put site or page at the end of this page's title? Because a while back I wanted to create a site dedicated ENTIRELY to Mistoffelees...but that would just be WAY too much to handle. (By then I'd have about four sites to deal with...oi)
So, I thought it was a cool name and an appropriate name for this section of Misteazer's Junkyard

To help present this page to you, I've asked for a little help...
::drums rolls::
...from a VERY special friend...


Mistoffelees: Hello everyone! I'm Mistoffelees, your friendly junkyard magician. But I don't think I need to tell you who I am, on a count that Misteazer is already obsessed with me, she's probably told you EVERYTHING about me...

Misteazer: Uh, Misto? The new viewers may not know me OR you very well....that's why I'm redoing my Misto sections!

Misto: Oh...Well, in that case on to the good stuff...

Shown above: Quaxo (a.k.a. Mistoffelees during Act 1) during 'Gumbie Cat'.

I (Mistoffelees) am a magican. I can make myself and other things (such as spoons and fish paste) disapear! I'm considered to be a rascal and I can be quite wacky (see side picture)!
I'm a prodigy. Meaning that I am a VERY smart little cat.
I'm not a kitten, but not quite an adult. I'm in that 'in-between' stage of my life.

Myths and Fanfiction:
In most cases, fans of CATS (and of mine ::blushes::) often write fanfiction, or stories based on something this case, CATS.
Most times, I'm seen as 'paired' with or related to Victoria. (see below)

Yes I KNOW it's a small pic...DEAL!
In some cases I'm paired with Jemima/Sillabub or Electra.
Usually I'm with a fan-made Methina.

Misteazer: Oo!! That's the kitty that I made!!!!

Misto: Uh, yeah that's why I mentioned her...oi...

In the play I'm really the one who saves the day by magically bringing Old Deuteronomy back from the cluthes of Macavity after being cat-napped!!

GO ME!!!!

I guess that's all you really have to know about myself, now, onto the stuff that Misteazer has created for you and stuff she has about me or actors who have played me!

Presto! Away I go!

Thanks Misto! Now onto the goodies:

Jacob Brent Shrine
Click here to go to the Jacob Brent Shrine I have made!

The Mistoffe-freaks!
A little club you can join to support Mistoffelees and the actors who have played him (Jacob especially)


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