CATS dreams!
CATS dreams!

Okay, the moment you've all been waiting for: My warped JB dreams!

Okay this first one was really wierd!
I was in a dance troupe...which is wierd because I'm not in a dance troupe...and we were practicing in my bedroom!
We came to the finale and I had to jump into Jacob Brent's arms! When I did he said: " Maybe we should do that again!"
So, I jumped into his arms again and he said: " Yeah...that'll work!"

My other one was me in chorus with all my friends and Jacob was teaching us!
Wierd because I can't picture him as a vocal teacher!
Anyway, I went up to talk to him...and as any love struck fan would do I couldn't think of anything to say!
I said, " Um...Jacob? Can I talk to you?" He turned around and was ready to listen to me.
That's when I couldn't say anything but just stare!
I felt like such and idiot!
He walked away so I tried again!
This time I was able to speak!
So we talked about him and how much his fans talk about him...and no he wasn't conceded! He was very flattered actually!

So those are my warped dreams that I had on vacation!

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