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This is that spot where nothing else fit into any other spot.

You wanna leave me already? Well, if you do here's the spot to do just that! You'll find all sorts of cool other sites about CATS...and other random ::slaps table:: stuff!

JBGA links
A page for all my fellow Jacob Brent Guardian Angels who have pages!

Link to me
If you liked my site so much, please link me to you site with a cool banner!

Midis and Stuff
I know this is under games too, but I put it up again anyways!

Thank you!
My virtual thank you cards! LOL

Awards I've won
The Trophy case of Misteazer's Junkyard!

The Puny Page!
You SURE you wanna go here? Ok...but it's all about me!

Jellicle Home
My home for all my adopted Jellicles!

**NEW**Graphics for you
YAY! I can make graphics! WAHOO!!!!!!!!

**NEW**Tour Cast of CATS
Click here to learn about the cast of CATS that we saw in Boston on 2/12/02

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