Methina and Mistoffelees2

Methina and Mistoffelees

" father?" I was puzzled at the thought of my father being alive.
" Yeah, and he brought his daughter...who I would asume would be your sister..." I was in complete shock. I stared at him speechless.
" Lovie?" Methina asked. That was sort of a nickname for us, Lovie.
" Yeah...I'm'll be there in a sec."
Tumble turned to leave.
I stood there, staring off where Tumble had left us, I blinked a few times, trying to come back from my state of shock.
" You okay?" Methina asked quietly. She nuzzled me.
" Yeah...yeah I'll be okay." We walked off, paw in paw, after Tumble.

We came to where a group of cats were gathering around someone.
Munkustrap saw us.
" Is this the cat you're describing?" Munkustrap asked to the other cat, indicating me, in the center of the group.
Some others stepped away so we could see the new comer.
I took a step foward.
Then, a black cat, not too much bigger than myself emerged. Our eyes locked, I blinked a few times, trying to see what I saw was real. The other female he had with him, observed me from behind him.
The other cat came toward me.
I was unsure of who the heck this guy was! He certainly looked like me, but was he really my father?
As he got closer to me, I felt a similar feeling that I got when Methina was around. Magic auora! I thought.
If he was magic...he must be my father! But how could I be sure?
The other cat's mouth dropped open and gasped a little.
" Quaxo." he breathed. I gasped. I was stunned. No one had ever called me that before!
I knew it was one of my names, but I was never sure which one, now I knew!
My throat was dry, I couldn't say anything.
" Daddy?" the female cat questioned. He sniffed me gently.
His eyes teared up and turned toward the female cat. She went to him and licked his face.
" He has her scent." he whispered.
She looked at me in disbelief. She approached me.
She wasn't that different from me. She was black, but a jagged streak of white ran up and accross her back that was conected to the tradtional " tuxedo look" that all Tuxedo toms have.
Even my "father's" wasn't as perfecct as mine!
The whites of his paws went up to his elbows, whereas mine went to my wrists, and his face was white like mine, only it continued around his head so only his ears and the back of his head was a top hat!
I smiled and looked at her.
" Then if he's my...father...then you're my..."
" Sister." she smiled briefly. Then she looked like she was about to cry and hugged me tightly. It startled me so, that I took a few steps back, but then realized that she wasn't going to hurt me.
I put my paws on her back gingerly. It's odd having someone who says they're related to you just hug you so it was informal!
Methina, on the other paw, just wouldn't be an issue, her I could hug all day!
" Ayla don't sufficate him!" (Ayla pronounced "eye"-la)
She let go and gave me a little "oops" look.
"'s okay." I turned to her. " Your name is Ayla?"
" Do you reconize it?" She asked hopefully.
I thought for a moment.
", it doesn't...sorry." She looked dissapointed.
" Oh." she said softly.
Methina cleared her throat.
I chuckled and reached out for her.
" How could I forget you?"
Ayla backed off as I introduced Methina to this is wierd...father and sister!
" Um...Methina this is sister" I didn't know how I should address him as.
" Father...if you feel fine with me." He replied. I had forgotten that he was magic and he could read my thoughts!
" ...and this is my father." Methina smiled.
" And she would be...who?" Ayla asked.
I smiled proudly.
" My mate, Methina."
" don't waste time do you?" Ayla asked joking around.
Some other cats laughed, including us.
" Ayla!" Father scolded. She yielded down to the ground. He steped forward to us.
" And how should I address you?" Methina asked. He observed her carefully.
I hated it when anybody else so much as glanced at her...never mind check her out!
I growled softly, but he got the message and backed off. She smiled that little smile at me, and nuzzled me.
That smile often came on her face if we talked about the kittens.
Oh the kittens! They would have a grandfather...and an aunt! WAHOO!
" Judging by your condition I would guess you could call me either Nimbacski or Father! But just Bacski 'll do!"
Ayla looked over joyed. " You''re with kittens?" She asked shocked.
Methina smiled and nodded modestly. No wonder why I love her so!
Ayla ran up to her and hugged her. I was afraid that she would hurt her so I tried to interveen, but Ayla understood my concern and hugged her gently.

I went around and introduced them to everyone. Everyone was seemed pleased that I had found my familiy.
But like every bunch, there are there skeptics, like Plato.
" If you are who you say you are Bacski, then you both must be magic as well!"
" Hmmmm a skeptic." Father pondered. Ayla chuckled a bit.
He approached Plato.
" So you don't think I have the same powers as my son and daughter have?" He asked cooly, examining his own paws which began to give off those little sparks.
Plato's eyes became wide when he saw this.
" I believe you now, don't take it offensely!" Plato apologized...or at least tried to anyway.
" No, no dear boy. If you don't believe me I'd be glad to demonstrate!"
" Oh boy, here we go!" Ayla said under her breath.
*Now he's gonna show off...I'd watch out if I were you...he can get carried away.* She rolled her eyes. Methina and I exchanged glances.
He rose up and started throwing sparks all over the place! The new kittens thought this was spectacular...who knew little eyes could get so big?
Then he jumped in the air and dissapeared!
" Cool!" Plato said.
" Not nearly as cool as this!" said a voice from thin air. Suddenly a whirlwind of cold air began to swirl around us!
Methina huddled against me, the kittens ran to Bombalurina. What was he doing?
" Daddy stop it!" Shouted Ayla. The whirlwind stopped and Backsi...I mean father...reappeared!
" Sorry about that...I wanted the chace to try that one out!" He said.
" Not while the're little kits around! Sheesh!" Ayla said and turned back to us.
" Sorry." He said sheepishly.
"'d you do that?" I asked. He looked at me puzzled.
" You don't know how?" He asked. How can I...nobody taught me weather tricks!
" Sorry, forgot about that!" Oh no, he read my thoughts! I quickly appoligized.
" Sorry." I said.
" No problem...but I'll teach that to you later!" He said.
I'm going to like having a father around!
Then I thought about that title: Father. That's who I'll be in a few weeks or so!
I looked at Methina, smiled, and nuzzled her. Everlasting Cat was she ever so beautiful!

We went back my place and just talked for a bit.
" Um...Dad? You called me Quaxo...why?" I asked him.
He thought for a moment. Ayla nuzzled him.
" It happened a while ago...just days after your birth..." His expression was dazed...obviously in a flashback.
" We, you, your mother, sister and myself, were running away from Macavity..." Methina growled low in her throat. It tore her apart when the subject of her father...I mean...Macavity was brought up. I tried to avoid the subject all the time.
" Your mother was carrying you and Macavitry caught her. I stopped and tried to get him off her. I was able to do so, but she couldn't get up. I tried to help her to her feet. She thought to me: Where's Quaxo? I looked up at Macavity, and you were in his mouth!"
I wrinkled my nose at the thought...yuck!
" I lunged at him, but he struck me down with a powerful blast of sparks! I shot some at him and it was a battle over you using magic. I was stronger than he was, but he got away with you."
He closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears. Ayla nuzzled him again, and licked the tears off his face.
" So, it was you who named me Quaxo. But I don't understand, why is my name Mistoffelees?" I asked, still puzzled.
He began to say something back Ayla held up a paw and said, " I'll tell the rest." He accepted and wiped the tears from his fur.
" For a long time," Ayla began, " Macavity was jealous of Mother. Therefore, you and I were always prime targets for Macavity. So when he got his paws on you, he couldn't resist the chance to make you miserable. So what does he do? He gives you a name, a hideous name. A name that could only be used on you, a son of a better magician. Your name, adapted from a name for the devil, is Mistoffelees."
Another name for the devil? My name?
" But I'm not evil or anything!" I stated.
" We know! Did I say you were the devil? No! You're Magical Mr. Mistoffelees! The greatest magicain this side of the Metropolis!" I blushed.
Methina chuckled and licked me.
Oh no! Funny whenever she kisses me, it always makes me hot for her!
I thought back to that night. Oh that wild night!
That pasionate night when we became mates. I closed my eyes and thought back to her paws on me and my paws on her. My tounge against her fur and the sound of our cries in the night. I trembled at the remembrance of her kiss.
Methina's quiet chuckle brought me back to my senses.
I looked at the others, they saw the lust my eyes for Methina and they chuckled a little. Man, how embarrassing!
I looked sheepishly at the floor.
" So when are you due Methina?" Ayla asked. We looked at each other.
" Um, in a few weeks or so." She said.
I'm glad she remembered, I had lost count over the last few days.
*I'm glad you remember, I lost count of the days!* I thought to her.
Methina looked at me in shock, but then a smile came accross her face.
* Actually I was hoping you'd remember, I lost count too!*
We cracked up laughing! Father did too. He read our thoughts again!
I was going to enjoy having a family of magical cats around!

" Maybe you were tolerable Misto, but four? And more on the way? Sheesh, why don't you magic cats just take over the whole darn junkyard!" I was talking with Pouncival and the other guys about my family and stuff and I guess it was more than they could take.
" Hey guys, woz up?" called Mungojerrie as he ran up to us.
" Oh nothing Jer, just Pounce complaining agian!" Alonzo said. I laughed a bit.
" I do not complain!" Pouce cried.
" Oh please, you'd complain if it was sunny day and there wasn't enough sun on the highest point in the junkyard to baske in!" We all laughed. Pounce didn't, he put on that "pout face" and jumped down and trotted away.
" Do you think we 'urt his feelin's?" Jerrie asked.
" Nah, he's got to learn that he isn't a kitten anymore anyway. Might as well start somewhere!" Admetus said.
I looked over where Methina and Rumpelteazer were talking.
To think that they were just one week apart in due dates!
A white blur ran accross the yard. Teazer and Methina saw this and prepared to run. I knew it was Victoria, she still wasn't over me was she? Teaze vacated the area in a heartbeat and Vicki brought Methina to the ground! I jumped down to help Methina.
" Vicki, Vicki! Victoria stop!" I shouted as I ran to the two queens. Victoria's head popped up and I was able to get Vicki off Methina.
I glared at her and turned my attenion to Methina.
" Lovie you okay?" I asked softly.
*What did I do wrong?* She thought to me.
*Nothing sweetie, but are you okay?*
I thought to her.
*I'm okay* She thought to me. I nuzzled her.
I looked up to scold Vicki, but she had made her escape clean and clear.
When will she learn that we're over?

" I hope she'll be okay." Electra said to me.
" Me too." I said quietly.
A few of us were gathered outside of Victoria Grove to greet Teazer's kittens into the world...two weeks early!
She would only let Methina, Mungojerrie, and Jellyorum in with her. Everyone else had to wait outside.
I heard her wail and Mungojerrie trying to soothe her.
I thought to the week ahead.
Next week would be when Methina would be due! How could I comfort her, what would I do if something went wrong, what if something happens to her when she's in labor, or...
*Misto, stop being so worried!*
I turned to Father coming up to me.
" Oh, hey Dad."
" You nervous about Methina?" He asked.
I nodded.
" Well you have every right in the world to be! Being a new father and all." I nodded in agreement, I was still worried about Methina, and right now Teazer!
" Why don't you talk to Old Deuteronomy? He may be able to help." Electra suggested.
" Or me." Father chimed in.
I huffed out a laugh. " I guess so." I said. My mind was wondering with thoughts of Methina and what to expect next week.
I was so scared for her, and them. When ever they so much as moved slightly within her she looked so uncomfortable, and there was nothing I could do for her! What would it be like next week? Dear Everlasting Cat! What could I do for her...for them?
Would I really be a good enough father? How can I provide for them? How could I help Methina...
" You don't stop do you?" Father said.
" Huh?" I snapped myself out of my little phase.
" You're really worried about this whole thing aren't you?"
I nodded.
" Tell you what, how about tonight you and I can talk?" He suggested.
I liked the sound of that!
" Yeah, I'd like that. Thanks Dad!"

A few hours later and Jellyorum came out with the news that Teazer delivered two kittens.
" However, the tom didn't make it so now she is the mother of one lovely queen!" We were all realived that she was okay.
" Jelly, can I go in?" I asked.
" I think so Misto, just be quiet." I nodded and walked into the basement.
" Guys, you down here?" I called in a loud whisper.
" We're down here Misto!" Methina called back quietly.
I made my way over to where Teazer, Jerrie and Methina were. I kissed Methina and looked over at Teazer.
She was in a basket covered with a towel and pillow.
And suckling on her was the tiniest kitten I'd ever seen!
I looked at teazer who was finnally relaxed and she smiled weakly.
I smiled back. Then I went over to Jerrie and rubbed heads with him.
" Congratulations Teazer...and Jerrie!" I said.
" Thanks Misto." Jerrie replied. " Betcha you'll be a great father when your kits get 'ere too huh?"
Darn, I was finnally calmed down! Why'd he have to work me up again?
Methina chuckled and came over to me. She nuzzled up against my chest and I kissed the top of her head.
I closed my eyes and just felt the warmth of her body close to mine.
But Mungojerrie's words rand in my head: "'ll be a great father..."
Will I be a great father when my kittens get here?

I don't think I had ever been so nervous for such a long period of time in my entire life!
It was that day, and all morning I had stayed with Methina inside our little den, just waiting for something to happen.
Ayla and father were out that morning getting dinner, so we were alone.
We were lying on the floor just looking at each other.
Her eyes were so deep and so blue I could lose myself in them!
Her paw grasped her stomache for a moment. I put my paw on her's to try and make her feel better.
Our eyes locked and I kissed her. I kissed her check, neck, chest and her stomache.
I felt her inhale deeply and I shot up to look at her. Was she okay?
She laughed a bit and said, " It's okay... go back."
I rested my head on her stomache and listened.
I heard her heartbeat echo throughout her insides, her purring was loud as a car, and...the kittens! They squirmed and I heard them!
I smiled happily and looked up at Methina. She smiled that smile again.
I got up and kissed her.
" I love you." I whispered in her ear.
" I love you too Mistoffelees." She whispered back and she held me tight meaning either she "wanted" me, or she was scared. Which probably ment she was in pain!
Oh no, what do I do now? What if she needs more help than just me? Are the kittens okay? Is she okay? Is...
" Sweetie, I'm fine!" Methina said with a bit of a laugh. " Dont' worry." she said softly.
I guess it was pretty silly of me to over react at times likes these. But it was for a good cause!
She moaned and curled into her stomache.
Okay, now she's in pain...don't panic Misto...she'll be okay...I nuzzled her, gentlely.
She exhaled slowly and our eyes met. She looked scared.
" Oh lovie." I said and held her close.
" Misto, I'm scared." She whispered.
She already knew that I was scared! How do I comfort her now if we're both scared?
" Shh, I'm here for you." I whispered.
There, that was good!
" You guys still in here?" called a voice. It sounded like Ayla's.
" We are." I called, still nuzzling her. " You okay Methina?" Ayla asked.
Methina closed her eyes and nodded.
" Yeah, but we're close." She whispered.
A wave of panic came over me.
Close? Oh no! What do I do?
" Misto don't worry, I'll be okay." She said quietly.
" I still worry about you though."
" That's why I love you so much!" Methina said and kissed me.
Fortunetly that calmed me down...a little.
" Oh..." Methina moaned. Somehow I knew that this was wouldn't be long now.

" Just one more push Methina, and she'll be out!" Jelly said.
One more push? Then I'd be a father!
Wow, me...a father!
Methina wailed and I nuzzled her face hard, trying to take her mind off the pain.
Ayla gasped and looked overjoyed.Father's eyes grew wide with pride. Methina started to relax in my arms and began to catch her breath. What happened?
" Congratulaions Misto, you're a father!" Jelly said to me.
Her words rang in my head: " You're a father!"
It took a second for the concept of Daddy to settle in with me, then I lost it!
I got up and started to jump all over the place, I still don't know how I mangaged to lose total control of myself and not hurt anybody!
After I calmed down I looked back over at Methina. She was licking the little kitten clean.
She was about the same size as Teazer's kitten, but a darker color.
She squirmed and out came the tiniest little meew I'd ever heard!
I looked at her.
" That's my daughter!" I breathed. " She's my daughter!" I said again between tears of joy!
" Don't get too comfy Methina, you still have one more." Jelly reminded her. Methina nodded between licks.
In the end, Methina delivered a queen and a tom, healthy and happy!
I breathed a sigh of relief when it was over!
After Jelly left, Methina lay back and allowed the kittens to suckle on her.
I kissed her lovingly.
" Congratulations Daddy." Methina said. Ayla and Dad began to chuckle.
I whispered in her ear, " And you too, Mommy."
She smiled and kissed me.
I looked at the two tiny kittens still suckleing on Methina and thought, wow, they're my kittens! My son and daughter! And I am a father.
I think out of all my names, I like father the best!


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