Methina and Mecina
Methina and Mecina

Methina and Mecina: Daughters of the Glamour cat
By: Misteazer (aka: ME!)

A drop of dew fell off a petal of a nearby flower in a meadow where some kittens were playing. Dusk was falling and the kittens had been playing all day. Two of the kittens were older and believed in more mature games. As some of the kittens departed to go home, three remained behind; two of them were sisters. One kitten a little older than the other. The younger kitten turned to leave the meadow and onto the road to lead them home. A cloud passed over the moon, making the area dark and hard to see. She meowed for her sister to come, but no such luck. Her sister remained in the field with the third kitten, a male named Masclimbo. Her sister, Mecina, had been seeing him for a while now. There was a new feeling in the air as the moon was hidden behind a cloud. She sensed movement under a bush nearby. She peered into the under brush and tried to make out what made that noise.The moon came out from behind a dark night cloud. The moonbeams hit a white face from the underbrush. Around the white face was the black outline of a kitten. It had to be Mistoffolees.
" Oh, you scared me Misto!" Methina exclaimed.
" Sorry Methina, I didn't mean to." He apologized. A cloud rolled over the moon, so Methina could barely make out Mistoffolees' white face and chest.
" I'll see you later. I have to go fool my family again." Mistoffolees said with a smirk.
" Are you going to sleep in the hall?" Methina asked.
" What?" Misto asked, confused.
" Well, try and make your family think you're in and just fall asleep in the hall. They'll be calling you for hours!"
Mistoffolees started laughing. " That's a great idea! I'll tell you about it tomorrow! Bye!" He said as the little white tufts of hair ran out of sight.
" Bye!" Methina's voice managed to squeak out.
She turned to look back at the field across the road and saw that the grass was parting.
Her sister Mecina emerged, with the dazed, starry-eyed look that she often had on her face after she "had fun" with Masclimbo.
" C'mon fur ball, lets go home." She said to her rather short, but it was typical for her after nights like this. As they turned to go home, up an alley just a little ways out of the field's sight, a car screeched and a tuft of Maine-coon fur floated up to the moon, uncovered, and unseen.

The sisters turned up an alley. Methina looked at her sister, she could tell her thoughts were far away from this horrible place, she was thinking of the field, and Masclimbo. Methina didn't blame her sister to have an unconscious mind about the alley. In this alley lived a corrupted pollicle dog named Chi-Chi. It was never told what breed the dog was, all anyone knew was the dog was hungry, and even though he was tied up, the chain was becoming rapidly weakening. With every pull the dog made to get away from where he was chained, the chain weakened, he did this all the time. It was just a matter of days before the chain and his mind would snap.
Methina was relieved when the alley ended and they were facing the old abandoned playground of the dead schoolhouse.
The schoolhouse had been abandoned for years; nobody lived there, except for a few families of jellicles. Methina's included. The sounds of wailing hungry kittens and soft purrs of content couples were heard everywhere. The sisters climbed the stairs into the old classroom where they claimed their home. The schoolhouse jellicles were one of great family beliefs, and they never ceased to help each other, like in the winter when there is little, they all would cuddle in the furnace room where very little heat would come, but it was warm.
" Mom!" cried Mecina There was no answer. The sisters looked through out the classroom.
" I don't think you'll find her here." Called a voice from the doorway. A Russian Blue, as the bred was called, stood in the doorway. The cat's name was *Sheba*. She was just under a year old, full of kitten, plenty to say, and full of knowledge.
" Why where is she?" Mecina asked her.
" I don't know, once the moon rose she got up and left." Sheba replied. " My guess would be that...wait...listen!"
The three kittens froze as the sounds of footsteps were heard. The meows stopped and the sound of hisses and wails were heard. All of a sudden the cats were being grabbed from every direction, Sheba included, she was a strong one, but not strong enough to escape the clutches of human hands. Fortunately, the two sisters were able to get away, and they ran away, far away, away from human clutches.

They ran to seem what seemed like forever. They somehow found themselves in the field; there they slept the rest of the night. All night, and most of they day the kittens waited for their friends, but nobody came. Mecina was worried about Masclimbo. They waited, until they both realized that no one would be coming. They knew weren't dead, otherwise they wouldn't have even began to look for the friends they'd lost.

It had been a long time since the kittens had played in the field. It had also been a long time since Mecina had felt Masclimbo's touch. It had been a long time since Methina had felt her sister's love. When rumor got out that Chi-Chi's chain had snapped, Mecina wasn't about to see her sister run like a coward, so she tried the copy-cat tactic of showing her what to do… all the time.
So instead of nuzzling, Mecina would hiss at her sister, expecting her to hiss back. But instead of hissing back, it made Methina unbelievably wary, cautious, scared, and nervous, to a point that her fur became mangled, frizzed, not silky and smooth like that of her sister's. They slept that night in a grassy area near a junkyard and there they slept, and dreamed.
All cats meditate on their names, and if they do so before they sleep, a dream will come to them and the dream will become reality.

Mecina meditated on her hidden name an then came the dream. She saw a great tribe of cats. She was standing on a platform, everyone was rejoicing, and then she turned, looked up and saw a familiar, loving face...
Methina meditated on her hidden name and then came the dream. A bright light and a wonderful feeling came over her. She felt someone else's paw touching hers. She saw her sister going up, up, up...

The sisters made their way to the nearby junkyard. They climbed onto a huge pile of junk and at the top was a chair. They made their way to the chair. Mecina stood on the seat, and Methina crouched behind the back of it. They could see a large group of cats dancing around a Maine Coon. He reminded Mecina a lot of Masclimbo. But they called him Rum-Tum Tugger. It was mostly young females who seemed to like him.
This sparked Mecina's curiosity and interest. She slowly made her way down the pile toward the Maine Coon. She saw another female making her way to him. She was about Mecina's age, but her fur was red. Mecina was mostly white, with splotches of gray here and there. Her sister Methina was gray where she was white and white on her face, chest, paws and the tip of her tail. Mecina didn't waste any time seeking out her next date. Rum-Tum Tugger would suit her just fine, and no one would stop her. She bumped the red cat out of reach from the Maine Coon. From what the other cats had called out to him, it seemed he wasn't the type to b cuddled with. She got his attention and started to flirt. The other females did the same, trying to get him to come back. But Mecina had worked her charm, like she does on most males.
The red cat, stunned and angry hisses at the new cat that took away her tom! The tow cats rub noses and Tugger rejoices with passion for the new cat. Methina wants to join in, so she climbs down the pile of junk that is holding up the chair, and starts toward the other cats. Tugger notices her, and points her out to everyone else. Apparently, no one appeals to her ragged appearance, some slink away in the shadows, others shun her.
One cat with a brown jagged marking across his face scratches her on her paw. Methina runs to her sister's side, and crouches by her feet. A large gray tabby approaches the two sisters, and looks them over. He confronts Mecina, Mecina didn't flinch or appear to be scared or threatened by his presence.
" I'm Munkustrap, a protector of this tribe. Who might you be?" He asked.
" I might be Mecina, and this is my sister Methina." Mecina said.
" You are strangers, why are you here?" He asked. Mecina lowered her eyes and said,
" I've come here to find my lover. Perhaps you've heard of him? Does the name Masclimbo sound familiar to anyone?" Mecina asked hopefully.
Munkustrap looked around, everyone shock their heads.
" Sorry. No one has heard of him." Munku replied. Mecina looked upset and disappointed. Munku directed his attention to the cowering female behind Mecina.
" And you," he said as Mecina stepped aside. " You are Methina I take it?" Methina nodded fearfully.
" Awe, no need to be afraid, we wouldn't hurt you unless you're asking for it!" Munku replied.
" Let me introduce everyone!" Munku said to the sisters.
" You've already meet the Tugger…"
" And a pleasure it was!" Tugger said to Mecina.
" Like I was saying!" Munku said annoyed at the Tugger.
" This is Skimbleshanks, the railway cat!"
" A pleasure to make yer acquaintance." The tom spoke with a Scottish accent.
" And that is Baumbalerina!" She said pointing to the red cat. Bomb turned away, coldly.
" Uh, yeah…and this is Demeter, Bomb's closest friend."
" Hi!" Demeter said shortly.
" You want to watch out for these two, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer!"
Two orange, red and black striped cats trotted out from the crowd.
" Hey there!" The tom called out. They both a cockney accent. He went around and introduced the other cats like Victoria, Jemima, Etcetera, and Electra. Cassandra, Coricopat and Tantomile who were twins, Exotica, Pouncerval, Tumbleburtus, Alonzo a black and white tom, and Jellyorum.
" Tonight," continued Munku. " Is the Jellicle ball, as I'm sure you're aware of."
" I knew it was soon, I didn't know it was tonight!" exclaimed Mecina.
" Don't worry you didn't miss much. Old Deuteronomy hasn't even appeared."
" Who?" Mecina asked.
" Our leader, and the oldest of Jellicles. He decides who journeys to the heavy side layer on the night we make the jellicle choice!" The other cats seemed excited when he said this.
" Normally we send Misto to…where is he anyway?" " I'm coming!" called a voice from thin air. Suddenly, a flash of light and a black and white cat came down from the sky!
" Oh, there you are Mistoffolees I was getting worried!"
" Worried about me? Oh Munku you do care!" Misto shouted sarcastically.
Some of the cats laughed a bit. " Funny." Munku said. " Misto, this is Mecina and Methina."
They looked awfully familiar to the black magic cat, but he couldn't remember where or when he had seen them.
The Jellicle ball was fun. Everyone was dancing and laughing!
Methina quickly started to observe a pattern. She noticed that Rum Tum Tugger was like a queen magnet. All the kittens and some of the older females always wanted to dance with him. Mostly Baumbalerina, but Mecina wanted the Maine coon, badly. Mecina just couldn't help but notice the familiarity between her beloved Masclimbo and Tugger! When Baumbalerina keep shoving Mecina out of the way of Tugger, Mecina became more agitated than before!

At one point during all this, Alonzo came up to Methina and asked her a question.
" Methina, your aurora, I've seen it before."
" Huh?" She replied.
" You're not a magic cat are you?" he asked.
Methina lowered her eyes. " Yes I am." She replied.
" Is that a bad thing?" he asked.
" Well how many magic cats do you know?" she asked.
" Two." He replied.
" Two?"
" Yeah, Misto and…"
" Macvity!" Exclaimed Demeter.
All the cats stopped what they were doing and huddled around each other. When Munkustrap gave the signal they all scattered in opposite directions. Obviously Munku was the tribe's protector. Alonzo was about to tell Methina what to do, but she knew.
Strange, he thought, how does she know what to do? Duh, we're all doing the same thing, it's rather obvious!
But what seemed a logical explanation for Methina and Mecina's behavior was not as obvious as it seemed.

Methina and Mecina along with Alonzo and Cassandra were all huddled in a sewer pipe. It was cramped, but it was safer than out there. Alonzo stepped out to Munkustrap and they started to look around. It was apparent that Alonzo was sort of a second in command to Munku.
Munkustrap nodded to Alonzo in approval, and Alonzo motioned for them to come out.
" Are you sure?" Cassie questioned.
" Yes I'm sure! I wouldn't put you in danger!" Alonzo said to her.
Alonzo and Cassandra had a special relationship it seemed.
Everyone slowly emerged from there hiding spots. Munkustrap looked around nervously.
" Where's Mistoffolees?" He asked.
Methina suddenly felt a change in the atmosphere. It was new feeling, a warm comfortable feeling. It sent a tingle down her spine, but it was a nice tingle, a relaxing one. Not the kind that comes around when a cold wind blows, but a warm summer breeze.
" I believe it is Old Deuteronomy." She heard Coricopat and Tanomile say in unison.
So that's what it was. Methina thought to herself.
Soon the other cats began to clean themselves carefully, making sure not to miss a single spot. Then Mistoffolees appeared with an old fluffy cat and everyone bowed or hugged him. This was Old Deuteronomy. Munkustrap went over to their beloved leader and helped him to a tire that was at the center of their junkyard area.
After the leader was comfortable, Munku went over to the sisters and lead them to him. Methina caught on to how important he was, and she bowed down low. Mecina, noticing how much all this meant to Tugger, bowed down like her sister.
Maybe this will get him to like me! Mecina thought. Old Deuteronomy smiled at the kitten's effort to please him. He lifted Methina's chin.
" You are both very young, and no mother to care for you? Why not?" He asked.
He sensed it was a touchy topic, so allowed them to take their time.
" Well sir, we're really unsure why our mother left." Mecina said.
" Do you have a father?" Methina shuttered, she didn't want the other cats to know. She looked at her sister fearfully. Mecina shock off her sister's look at her and she spoke, despite her sister's fear.
" Yes we do." She said looking sternly at her sister. Methina lowered her eyes.
" Where is he?" Old Deuteronomy was concerned for the kittens.
" We're not exactly sure, but we know he's around here." Mecina said.
" How do you know?" Munku asked, confused. How did they not know their father but know where he lives?
" Everyone seems to be wary of him." Mecina said. Munku froze. Old Deuteronomy looked at them in surprise. The other cats muttered and whispered amongst each other.
" Your father isn't…"
"Macavity!" exclaimed Demeter
Suddenly, a horrible looking, red tom appeared! All the cats cowered in fear. Mistoffolees disapeared with a flash of light!
Methina saw the Macavity's henchcats were catknapping Old Deuteronomy, and Munkustrap!
She wanted to do something but she didn't know what! She suddenly felt an new urge to do something she hadn't tried before, she had to jump and...disapear! She made herself disapear!

It became very dark, and the only light the other cats had was a small lateren Skimbleshanks had brought from the train station.
Mecina huddled near Tugger, she was frightened. She had just seen the respected leader and protector of the tribe vanish by the clutches of her own father! She saw Mistoffolees and her sister disapear in a burst of light! Now they were alone with no protection, and Mecina alone with no other family.
She felt Tugger move away from her in the dark for a moment. Then she felt a claw go into the back of her neck and felt herself be swung around to come face to face with Bombalerina!
She let go violently and as Mecina rubbed her sore bleeding neck Bomd said,
" What right do you have to come around here and just take my tom away?"
" You never heard a little thing called sharing?" Mecina asked annoyed at the queen's attitude.
"Not when it comes to love! You wouldn't share...Masclambo would you?"
"Masclimbo!" Mecina replied angerly
" What's the difference, it just another stray like you!"
That did it, Mecina lunged at Bomb, clawing at her. Bomb fought back ruthlessly, biting and hissing at the smaller queen. They fought with a frighting passion over thier love.
Mecina heard the sounds of the other cats shouting "stop!" or "get her, kill her!"
" It isn't over until we're finished!" Bomb said. To Mecina this meant the first one who's killed loses, and the remaining one standing wins.
Mecina somehow was able to pin Bomb down and was about to bite on her neck when she felt a set of teeth pull her off of Bomb by the scruff.
"OW!" Mecina exclaimed as she tried to get away from the set of teeth When the set of teeth finnally let go she saw that it was Tugger! He seemed angry at Mecina.
He shot her "a look" as he went over to Bomby, who was still on the ground.
" You, you're the reason she's hurt..."Tugger said angryly
" No duh Tugger, it was a fight!" Mecina said.
" Over what?" he asked
" You!" Meciana exclaimed.
" That's just the sort of thing I'd expect from a daughter of Macavity, jealous of everything, only thinks of herself!"
"Sounds alot like Grizzabella!" Alonzo shouted to them from the crowd.
Mecina turned away from the eyes of Tugger, and fixed them on the ground.
" Like Mother, like daughter!" Tugger said, as he and a few others chased her out of the junkyard, angry at the queen who hurt his love for nothing more then for the pleasure of the daughter of the glamour cat!

After things calmed down a bit everyone tried to think of ways to get Old Deutoronomy and Munkustrap back.
"Mistoffolees?" someone suggested. Tugger started to say,
" We ought to ask, magical Mr. Mistoffolees, the origianl conjouring cat..."

Methina saw everything differently, everything looked the same, but it was out of proportion, the tire seemed larger than the pile of junk under the chair, etc.
She heard someone call to THE magic cat and she knew, she didn't know how, but she knew that he would reapear to the other cats and fufill thier requests for the marvelous Mistoffolees!
" You'll see it one moment, but then, and it's gone but you'll find it next week, laying out on the lawn..." She felt Mistoffolees leave her even though she didn't see him the "invisible portal."
Somehow the names of everything that she had inside of her that she never knew, became very clear to her, and she was a magic cat!
She looked down to Mistoffolees who was performing the trick of bringing back Old Deutronomy, but also Munkustrap!
He was able to bring back the jellicle leader, but not Munku!
She suddenly knew how to bring him back! She made herself reapear ontop of the chair, and she saw a rope. She swung down to Misto, grabbed the red sheet and started twriling around, still hanging from the rope! She knew Munku was under the sheet and she mader herself float up back onto the chair, with the sheet and Munkustrap on the ground greeted happilly by everyone else around!
Mistoffolees was stuned Did I do that? No, I couldn't of, it was someone else! Mistoffolees thought to himself. Methina heard him think this!
She replied through thought, It was me! Mistoffolees looked around, then up near the chair.
The other cats followed his gaze to where he was looking and Methina jumped down to everyone else!
Everyone came around to her at once to rejoice! But Methina, startled by all this, cowered in a corner, trying to get away from the other cats, they might be mad at her like they were with her sister! Oh Mecina why'd you leave?
Munkustrap started over to the cowering cat, trying to comfort her.
Mistoffolees stopped him, he knew how to get her to come out.
" Oh well, I never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Miss Methina!" Mistoffolees sang out to her, the other cats joined in with the rest of the joyous song!
" Oh well I never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffolees...and Methina!"
The two magic cats danced around happily!
Then they stopped, a sudden urge came over the two cats, an unwilling urge came over them. Misto extened his paw to her, and she reached out to him, and they touched.
A bright and wonderous light overcame them, Methina felt herself get rid of all her fears, she felt his touch in her paw, she heard the shocked other cats oohh and ahh. The light suddenly faded, and Methina looked at Mistoffolees. He gasped.
" What is it?" she asked, her voice was different, it was strong, like her sprit.
" That's why I didn't recognize you! You had been tormented by years of hurt and it affected your personality and appearance! But it's you!"
Methina smiled for the first time in a long time, as the two cats held each other tightly like they would never let go!

" Now, Old Deutoronmy, just before dawn, through a silence you feel you could cut with a knife, announces the cat who can now be reborn, and come back to a different, Jellicle life!" Munkustrap said as the cats gathered around thier beloved leader.
Methina suddenly felt a familiar feeling in the air, it was Mecina! The other cats saw her and still angry with her, they shunned her and turned away. Mistoffolees started to, but Methina stopped him. She went up to her sister and nuzzled her.
The two embraced because they knew this would be their last time seeing each other. They didn't know why, but somehow they knew.
Old Deutoronomy extended his paw to Mecina. Methina noticed this, and got up, and lead her to him.
All the cats sang,
" Up, up, up past the Russel Hotel, up, up, up to the heavyside layer!"
Mecina couldn't believe it, she was going to the heavyside layer! The stairs came down, Mecian looked to her sister. Methina, with happy tears in her eyes, pointed to the stairs, as Mistoffolees held her.
Mecina looked up to find the beloved face of Masclimbo! No wonder why she couldn't find him, he was in the heavyside all this time!
Now Mecina could spend her new life with Masclimbo, Methina could spend her life with a new love, and the two, can finnally rejoice!

Sheba is the Jellicle name for my cat Sassy who is a Rusian Blue and she was found in an abandoned schoolhouse. "Faline" (a friend of mine) and I thought of it because Sassy is treated like the queen of Sheba...hey Queen Victoria, why not Queen Sheba? It seemed only the right thing to do to include my cat in my fan fic!

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