My Favorites

Hey for once it's big...well almost!!!!!!!
This page is for all my little favorites tid bits from the movie!
My absolute favs have *'s next to them!
All the lists are in order from most favorite to least

Man, where to begin??????

Well, my favorite cats are:
1) Mistoffolees
4) and for some odd reason: Alonzo

Don't ask me why I like Alonzo,
he just appeals to me!
Maybe because he's the same color as Misto!
Favorite songs:
Mr. Mistoffolees
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer
The Jellicle Ball
The Pekes and the Pollicles(it's funny!)
Favorite actor/actress:
*Jacob Brent*
Jo Gibb

Now for something completely different!!!

How to tell if you're a Mistofofreak!!!!

Wherever you have a blank page you write:
I LOVE MISTO!!!!!!!!

When your friends ask who you have a crush on you say:
Jacob Brent

When given a creative writing assingment,
all you write about are black and white magical cats (who are really hot!!!!!)

In animal behavior class (yes, there is such a thing)
you write a report that takes you three hours and you key point:
If it happens to be a stormy night they will practice a caper or two in the hall!

You have been Mistoffolees 5 years in a row for Halloween

At your high school prom, all the dance moves you do are the ones Jacob did in CATS
(quite impressive if you can pull off a bunch of toe-touches in a row!!!)

Your dream is to marry jacob Brent
(who cares about age anyway?)

All your friends call you Victoria (even though it's not) because Misto and Vikki make a cute couple!

He's mine, all mine!!!!!!!!!!

You dumped your boyfriend for Misto

Instead of saying Hi, you say: PRESTO!!

You love drama club because no one will question your actions when trying to portray Misto!

Jacob Brent is HOT!!!!!! (dont mind me, I'm hyper!!)

I wish I were Electra, I wish I were Elctra...
Hey, he gets a "good part" with her!

Ever see that really good visa card commercial????

Your life's goal is to find all they ways to write I love Jacob Brent, I love Misto, I love Jake...

You have found all the ways to write I love Jacob, I love Misto...

In class, any one could say a word from cats and you go nuts!!!
In dance class, all the moves you do remind you of CATS
Thanx for those Amanda!!!!

At night you have "really nice" visions of Misto...or Jake. (Hey I do!)*sighs*

I wish I were Victoria, I wish I were Victoria...(she gets a "good part" too!)

Did I mention Jake is hot????????

I want to be Phyllida Crowley Smith, I want to be Phyllida Crowley Smith...
-From Victoria

Hey...Jake's hot with AND without makeup!!!!
-From Scratches!

*Misto isn't just hot, he's a way of life!!!!!!!!*

Are you a Mistofe-freak?
If you have anything to add that I might have missed, E-mail me!!!!!

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