Methina and Mecina
Methina and Mecina

These two are not twins!

In case any of you who have read my fan fic: Methina and Mecina: Daughters of the glamour cat,
and did not quite grasp the concept of the story, this is the page for you!

This page hopefully will make the story a bit clearer for you to understand.
And if you don't understand the heck will you know how to understand the sequel?

Methina and Mecina lived in an old abandoned school-house with thier mother Grizzabella.
Thier father, Macavity, would have nothing to do with them, so he banished them to the streets,
and they try to survive on thier own.
They lived about a block away from a bad part of town where a corupted pollice named Chi-Chi lived. He's a mad, crazy, and hungry pollicle and the only thing that is holding him back is an ever weakening chain.
Beyond the corupted pollicle, is a meadow where the two kittens can get away from all that torture and fear. Here they can play, and just be, well, kittens!
In the meadow, Mecina meets a maine-coon tom named Mascimbo. Since the two are older, they see a relationship, not a game. So they swear their love to one another before that fateful night...

Mecina is the older of the two. She the one who pretty much raised them.
After thier mother left, Mecina takes it upon herself to look after her little sister.
She believes that you have to be tough to survive in that great big world out there, because as she knows, it's not kind.
So, she tries to teach her sister to be tough, but it backfires and it makes her afraid-e-cat! ::buh dum duh::
Seriously though, Mecina does care about her sister, but she just doesn't know how to show her.

She also had a lover, Masclimbo, who dissapeared mysteriously one night. She is determined to find him and love him once more.

Methina is the younger of the two.
Unlike her sister who is strong, she is sort of a weakling.
She never knew much about love from her sister and certainly none from her parents. She is ashamed who her parents are because so many others know about them, and what they can do.
Methina is a magic cat, she is less experienced than Mistofelees, but can perform wonderfully...when she can.

When the sisters reach the junkyard, Methina finds Misto and together form a relationship that would last forever. A relationship of love!


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Sheba is the Jellicle name for my cat Sassy who is a Rusian Blue and she was found in an abandoned schoolhouse. "Faline" (a friend of mine) and I thought of it because Sassy is treated like the queen of Sheba...hey Queen Victoria, why not Queen Sheba? It seemed only the right thing to do to include my cat in my fan fic!


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