Misteazer's Costume!



Misteazer's Costumes
Hey everyone!
Well, Halloween was great!
I had a party with
my buddy Scratches and Faline
and my boy ::giggles and sighs:: were all there!
A few weeks prior to the party,
Faline and I went on a CATS photo shoot rampage
that lasted for three hours!

The pictures below are from the CATS Photo Shoot Rampage!

Click on a pic to view it full screen

Me as Mistoffelees! head-shot

Faline attacks Misto

Misto lookin' a bit sad...

Mmmm....veggie sticks are good!

What Faline refers to as the "Jacob Brent pose"

A cute shot...and Snoopy!


These pics are from the Party!

These pics are the ones
my mother took on Halloween.
I got all dressed up in my Misto costume
but sadly no trick or treaters
showed up. ::sniffles::
My Mom was having fun
playing photographer....

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