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Kashmir since past thousands of centuries has put an impact through natural beauty on the minds of peoples living around the globe. The natural beauty is full of natural rhythm and music vibrating from one or the another of its enchanting forms. Whether it be a place, people, religion, philosophy, life style, ecology the beauty in Kashmir is reflected from all aspects. The music therefore forms an essential part and thus got mixed up with the psyche of Kashmiries a natural thing. Since ages Kashmir has seen diversity of faiths and different schools of thought from Kashyap Rishi to Nagarjuna to Shah Hamdaan who led the masses towards their goal of life emerged. Music remained there in the legacy of Kashmiries with creations and amendments to enrich the same. On one hand Santoor, Saran expressed the soul of Kashmir and on the other hand Tumbaknaer, Nout and Daharu vibrated the rhythmic patterns to entertain the people.

Music of Kashmir is as old as civilization found in the valley. The Age of Vedas give us the perfect use of music and the Vedic thought prevailed in Kashmir and the Kashmiri language too is the direct derivative of the Vedic language. Music too we have in Kashmir have the traces of the Vedic chanting in the chanting of one of the forms of worlds one of the oldest folk song forms that is Wanvun. Today Wanvun is sung in several different forms and it is at the verge of extinction! Folk Music, Sufiyana and Indian Classical Music are the different forms, which Kashmiries holds till date with them.