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Waliv gindav HAAR-E bazah, beyi wonav Kasheer panuny, Dayi sunz jyooty prazulavav beyi aki lati

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****... Lalitaditya...****

Each Kashmiri Pundit is a Lalitadityan and committed to spread the message that we are supposed to acquire what we deserve to have and that is not less than our mother land Kashmir. We have roots there and those who have disowned their own roots are not supposed to be there at all they must vaccate from there. So Lalitadityans are all set to move the world from all directions to make aware peoples living around the globe about our motive that is clear that we have to go to Kashmir will honor and dignity. Live peacefully there and contribute our responsibilities.

{The name of Lalitaditya, a godly symbol of courage and bravery, has a top place in the history of Kashmir. He is recognised through his 37-year rule, his successful armed campaigns, his strange expertise in war, his desire to become a world conqueror. Continuous fighting without getting tired, remaining busy in battles and achieving success in the battlefield through his unique fighting skill were his qualities which were similar to those of Alexander. Lalitaditya conquered Punjab, Kanoj, Badakshan and Beijing and returned to Kashmir after 12 years. When he set out with his troops for Punjab, the people in Punjab welcomed him with great affection. After dislodging the Punjab ruler, Yashovarman, Punjab was merged with the borders of Kashmir. Lalitaditya expanded his empire to Bengal, Orrisa and Bihar through his armed campaigns. This Army exercise successfully marched ahead to Gujarat, Malwa and Mewar. With these successful armed campaigns, the name of Kashmir and its brave sons became famous not only in India but also in the entire world. Great empires bowed their head in front of chivalrous Kashmiris.These qualities of Lalitaditya inspired us to choose his name, which will guide us to attain our goal.}

Each Kashmiri Pundit will fulfil Lalitadityas dream to become a world conqueror!

"Kashmiri Heritage Programme"

The "friends of Dalip Langoo" have joined a forum LALITADITYA that will work for the saving of world's most elite cultural heritage of aboriginal Kashmiries. The ethnic group, which has been subjected to continuous harassment, discrimination and biased attitudes since so many centuries. We live in India with pride but the crises that have taken us by surprise have shaken our self-consciousness. We have therefore decided to work in this direction. The need of the hour is to be one in the hour of extreme concern to combat ill designs of the people who want to eliminate us. World should know the contribution and selfless service that Kashmiries rendered to the world. Our community at present is subjected to continuous harassment and deliberate genocidal compulsions at our birth place i.e. Kashmir.

Some tips for Kashmiri brethren to remember: -

-Nag-e-bhava iti Nagah”, the people who lived on the mountain passes are Nagas. We Kashmiries are known to be Nagas as the dress codes like ‘Batni Pheran’ ‘Tarenga’ and (Pandit ladies robe and headgear) other age-old traditional dresses confirm this.

- Ka + Ashma + Ira means the waters flowed out thus the name Kashmir came into existance.

- Kashyap Rishi was instrumental in performing all this as Devi Sharika killed the demon Jalodbhava who had made the lives of the people miserable. Mother Sharika is called by the name Kashmira too.

- Chakrishwar the ‘Shri Yantra’ is the only naturally standing Maha Yantra at Hari Parbat in Kashmir bearing the mystical diagram and all other related images.

- Sages and seers say that Kashmir is the most sacred point on the body of Mother India that is why people say that if Kashmir is gone the whole India will get disintegrated.

- Lougaksh Muni drafted our code for religious performances keeping in view the geographical and time related factors in mind.

- It was during Ramayana period that Raginya the goddess (whose Tamsi form fulfilled all the desires of the demon king Ravana) wished to live in the most pious place on the earth at Tulmul in Kashmir. Every year thousands of pilgrims take holy bath and have darshan after doing parikrama of the holy spring where the deity resides. The holy spring changes its color at intervals with the movement of cosmos and the holy sages read the message that is divine to all followers.

- Lord Krishna visited Kashmir around 3100 BC and enthroned Yashowati who is said to be the worlds first women ruler.

- Abhinav Gupta spoke of ‘Yantra Pursha’ the Robert early as 7th century AD.

- Abhinav Gupta stopped Adi Shankaracharya from taking Devi from Kashmir to his home town.

- The splendour of Kashmiri architechture Martand the great sun temple was constructed by emperor Lalitaditya in 8th C.A.D

- Shirya Bhatt operated on Zainulaabidin Budshash and cured him as he was on the deathbed.

- Kashmiries were instrumental in spreading Buddhism to various parts of central Asia, from where it spread to other parts of the world.

- Kashmiries in central Asia spread the practice of Mantra and Tantra.

- Mahayana the new branch of Budhism was formed in Kashmir in Kanishkas rule under the ledership of Nagarjuna.

- Chinese language too was given the shape it has today, by the Kashmiri linguists Kumarajiva and his son Kumarayana. Buddhist scriptures too were translated into Chinese.

- Shayam Bhatt created grammer and script for Tibetean language and translated Mahayan Buddhist doctrines into Tibetean.

- Gurumukhi of Punjabi script too was created by Kashmiri linguists from Sharda manuscript.

- Kalhan gave a new style to the history writing and wrote the famous ‘Rajtarangini’.

- Shaiva, Shakhta, Vedic Dharma prevailed in the valley besides Buddhist and Islamic thought (from 13th century onwards) but Bhakti and Sufi mysticism was predominantly followed on latter stages.

- Rahul Saankrityayan in his Tibetan discoveries found that worlds first available letter written to some other person was by a Kashmiri to a Tibetan monk.

- Lalded’s Vaakh are considered to be the first ever available writings in Kashmiri and the language that was created shows its close lineage with ‘Vedic’ the language of Vedas.

- Rupa Bhawani the ANSH AVTAAR of Sharika Bhagavati the sidha of highest order is considered the first to use Hindi, which is available in her writings.

- The saints of Kashmir have strengthened the positive forces on earth right from Kashyap Rishi to Bhagavaan Gopinath ji and everyone has blessed good people. They are still there in their astral form to remove the darkness from the earth. Kashyapa Rishi like Brahma and Bhagavaan Gopinath ji like Vishnu and Shiva from time to time protected masses from evil. Swami Nand Bab Mastaan declared about himself as the supreme commander of the armed forces of the world.

- Age-old traditions that were protected were based on ‘Gotra traditions’ of Kashmiri Pundits. The recent researches about genetic sciences unfolded the secrets of the genes, which are carried from generations to generation’s gives us scientific social rules followed by the Kashmiries. This is believed to be the secret of good health, sound mind and above all stability in every field.

- Kashmir, the Sharda Peeth, as it was known in the olden times was famous amongst scholars of rest of the world for its contribution in the field of education. Brahmins of the country still remember this divine place by imparting education in a traditional way during the thread ceremony while initiation is given to the pupils even today.

- Beautiful Resh Vaar, the abode of Rishis, and its present generations are in extreme grief and pain as the evil forces have engulfed Maaj Kasheer again.

- Sharika Bhagavati and Bhagavaan Gopinath ji are monitoring the whole area to uproot the sinful cadres who have crossed from across the border and presently active in Kashmir.

- Remember that thousands of Pundit houses in Kashmir have been burnt, destroyed and looted mostly since 1989 when mass exodus took place, 5,00,000 people migrated to different parts of the country and abroad. The evil plan of GENOCIDE is still on by destroying , occupying our houses, properties or making illegal sale deeds of the same even today.

- Due to migration it has become extremely evident to save our lives and heritage.Being a scattered community we must remain integrated by all means for the sake of our existance.

-Please bear in mind that the plight of Kashmiri Pundits is centre to the intigrity of India. The Kashmiri Pundits must correct the time measure. The rituals and ceremonies are now performed without Vedic sanction. This must be corrected, and it has to be done by the Kashmiri Pundits.(Quote- H.Holiness Patrizia Norelli Bschelet-Thea)

Join "Lalitaditya" to Save, Participate, Share, Win & Enjoy the life !!!

***To save Kashmir and its aboriginal people and cultural heritage step ahead to fill up the heritage Performa Soan Parivaar, Heritage performa and membership form for enrolling yourself as a Lalitaditya member to share and contribute your energy in the Mahayagnaya.

*Details required from all Kashmiri Pundits: NRI's, dispaced members settled in and outside Kashmir. On the basis of the data received we intend to prepare a directory that will be available to every member on request and prior permission from the person whose details you would like to acquire through internet.

Very soon the details will be available on a new Website apart from the KASHMIRI HERITAGE PAGE AVAILABLE ON


"We existed in the past and in the present too we have remained the same, we have ruled in the past so the present is ours....."


Lalitaditya, Kashmiri IDP Market, Shop No. 2, Yusuf Sarai Bus Stop, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110016, India.Telephone: 91+ 11+ 6520563, E-mail:


We at LALITADITYA are going to perform a MAHAYAGNYA to attain sucess in Kashmir. We have requested several SIDH YOGIS of the country and more such yogis are to be contacted to perform it. At the first stage 30 to 50 members of our community are supposed to participate and at the SAMAPAN stage the concluding stage all can participate. The announcement of the type of HAWAN too will be made along with the dates and venues.

Being the society of good people we can counter evil by our all powerfull methods of MANTRA and TANTRA power so unite at just a single call and share the fruits attained from the obliations given to the DEVAS through pious AGNI.

Members of Lalitaditya:

1.Dalip Langoo- Music Composer/ singer- Faridabad NCR; 2. Chander Mohan Zutshi- Advocate/ Actor- Jammu; 3. Remesh Mohan Zutshi- Advocate- Bhilwara; 4. Sumedh Handoo- Bussinessman- Jammu; 5. Kamal Handoo- Govt. Employee- Jammu; 6. Roop Krishen Kaul- Executive/ Artiste- Noida NCR; 7. Manoj Gosani- Legal Manager T-Series- Ghaziabad; 8. Anil Bhat- Advocate- Delhi; 9. Dr. Kuldeep Kaul- Reader- Delhi; 10. Naveen Kundu- Businessman- Delhi; 11. Daleep Pandita- Businessman- Gurgaon NCR; 12. Soni Langoo- Incharge L- Fbd NCR; 13. Veerendra Bangru- Executive- Delhi; 14. Sanjay Ganjoo- Executive- Mumbai; 15. Karishma Zutshi- Care taker Jammu- Jammu; 16. Ramesh Kumar Revoo- LIC Agent- Jammu; 17. Surender Revoo- Lecturer- Jammu; 18. Superna Langoo- Executive/ Artiste- Faridabad NCR; 19. Neena Handu- House Wife/ Artiste- Delhi; 20. Shashi Bhat- Executive- Delhi; 21. Roshan Handoo- Business- Delhi; 22. Lalita Revoo- School Principal- Gohana- Sonepat; 23. Shashwat Revoo- Computer engn. Student- Sonepat; 24. Shallay Razdan- CA student/ A/C's employe-Jammu; 25. Kalhan Bhat- Telecom Engineer- Delhi; 26. Ajay Kumar Handoo- Bussinessman- Delhi; 27. Subhash Handoo- Executive- Delhi; 28. Maharaaj K Raina-Pvt employee- Delhi; 29.

Saari Chi Saman Akisuy Razi Chi Laman,

Wony Kya Lagi Asi Saarinuy Taar,

Bozi Soan Sadashiv Zarupaar,

Nov Waqt Nav Ye lol-e-bahaar,

Sorguk Sanz Tai Tatichiy Boolyah,

Yoog Tu Teez Zoti Chopaary.

Since ages our community experienced the mixed good and tough times and all the time we proved to be brave people faced the tyranny of cruel and existed to this day. Every time we faced toughest situations as it appeared in Kashmr that all of us have diminished but the seed was there. The eleven families again spread to 7,00,000 today. But it is not the question of numbers but the matter of a particular life style, decent attitude, which enabled us to survive. We survived with honor and pride but now more toughest time is knocking at the doors of our conciousness. Our heritage is endangered from new life inputs and the bitter experiences of past thirteen years in exile. We can save it too and live happily with what we are known amongst all.

Our rituals, festivals, and all that makes us different from rest of the world are to be taken care in a special way not in the way we are dealing with these at present. We must look how Punjabi, Bengali and other cultures have prospered with their rich heritage. We have experienced most of the attacks from intruders and if we survived in past why can't we survive along with our beautiful things at present. Let us be aware and support all those who are by one or the other way contributing to save our heritage.

A new idea to keep all brethren intact is to appeal everyone to join hands to run a financial bank of our own community, which can give us support in the crisis. I personally feel that we must step ahead for this noble cause. If we are having our own bank we can meet the needs of our own community in a more coordial and benificial way. Financial stability is the key to sucess in every respect, so to attain this we should step forward and organise our people. Yes we must have a bank of our own.

The next thing we should have is the integration of educational institutions. We should have a university of our own like in olden days ours was a community of learned intellectuals who not only preserved there own heritage but contributed to other languages too by creating there manuscripts. It is foremost important that we should have an educational set up of our own. We can be always independent and the dependence on other institutions will be less. Our children will receive the assured and genuine education and the cost of education too will come down.

The new generations should be given training in all respective feilds so that our religion too could be saved, which is at the verge of extinction. Language too should be taken care by all efforts and in all the feilds we should engage our revered experts from within the community.