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Work On Kashmiri Folk Lore

Work on Kashmiri folk lore has become rare these days and very recently director Suraj Raina and eminent writer Pandit Hriday Kaul Bharti have compiled a television series on five old games of Kashmir viz.

Cheal- An old game being played by farmers to protect their crops and entertain themselves during dark night.

Dand-e-Godejy- Two men play this with a number of KATUR'S the earthen broken articles and place these in various wholes made in the earth.

Haran Gindun-  Already mentioned in the website. This is played on the eve of Herath (Shiv Ratri) of Kashmiri Pundits.

Mathil- (Gillee Danda) This is a popular game played with a wooden stick.

Aatali- This is played by the players like hide and seek but there are some additions apart from one one is seen and considered to be out.

We will be giving you all the details after it is telecasted from DD Kashir. Music Director Dalip Langoo has musically directed  this series.