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Haaran Gindun (To play with Haars)

Literally Haar (Small Molluskan Sea Shells found in the sea) means the money or a thing found in the sea used for playing a particular game in Kashmir which is popular amongst Kashmiri Pundits.

An old game that Kashmiri Pundits used to play on the eve of Maha Shivratri was full of calculations and entertainment till my childhood days. Haar (Kaudi in Hindustani) is used in this play as the main component and the participants can be from two up to any tolerable limit. There are rules and regulations, which are to be followed by the players very strictly, especially on the day of Salaam the next day after Shivratri Pooja the players gather at one place as this was one of the finest indoor games known in Kashmir amongst Kashmiri Pundits. This is almost not in practice now, but still I remember how we used to play the game when we were in Srinagar. Full of fun and enthusiasm, elders, friends and all use to gather and play this game and the curiosity of wining the game was a thing of extreme compassion, love and entertainment.



(The Playing object)

Minimum of two Haars to start a game.  
Chaakh is the measuring unit consists of four Haars.  
Kunyi Combination of single Haar resulting the win.
Pushraan Dabu To add a Haar on a particular number as decided.
Juph Taaq Even and Odd combinations: In this odd numbers were to be won and even       means to pass on the game to next the player adding a Haar to the Haars on surface.
Chaakan Combination of Four results the win.
Duchi Combination of Two results the win.
Shartal means the betting.
Tichan means to strike with one Haar another, usually children play in this way. These are the various ways of playing.  
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Haran Gindun
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