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Ram Aadarsh Ram Ram, Shiv Laksh Shiv Paramdham;

Pariv Ram Ram, Soriv Shiv Naam;

Hari Pap Shap Ram Naam, Shiv Shiv Wativ Shivdham;

Ram Tu Shiv Anugreh Tu Kalyan, Rozun Nu Kihinyi Thakh Deev Shiv Dhaam;

Thakh Diyut Yetee, Tu Takh Ti Log Yatee, Gav Shoonyi Sakaar;

Aav Poori Manz-e-Poor, Gav Anigot Door, Prazlyav Noor  ”



“O Kus Bo Kus Teli Wan Chu Kus, Onum Batukh Lodum Degi,

Shal Kich Kich Wangno, Bramha Saaras Poonyi Chokum,

Bremiji Bonyi Tekis Tyakha.”


"Tathi Bab," the beloved father of Kashmiries, who from time to time guided and blessed the good people around the globe. Devotees consider him as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and worshipped him in the traditional way. A born Siddha of highest order lived in Srinagar and at present it is believed and experienced that he is still alive even after leaving his mortal body in 1968. His divinity Bhagavaan ji used to travel with the speed of "Munn", the mind to any corner of the world for the benefit of mankind.


He saved India from time to time from invaders at the time of all wars fought since 1947. He once told the gathering at Srinagar in 1947 that, there is no danger, as I am always present on the battlefronts. During 47-57 he would often say that Kashmir is in the throes of consumption. I am sitting on Kashmir and will not allow it to drift away. The great sage simply was always seen absorbed in deep meditation, he knew everything whatever was happening around the world. Even today he guides his devotees in the hour of need. He didn’t create any school nor did he deliver sermons. He assured people all help to fight evil and remove darkness from the world. He indicated once that any of the Shlokas from the Bhagwad Gita could be ones Guru. Nobody knew about his actual Guru or the school he must be following. It appears that he is the Guru a complete divine incarnation born to remove evil dark forces from the earth, which is heading towards becoming heaven again. Bhagavaan ji is watching all of us who are in constant touch with the Bhagavaan consciousness so Jagat Guru’s are like that only. Guru is everything and everywhere whatever you name is a Guru and we can find him within.

The contemporary saints of the highest order who declared him as the King of saints were Swami Kashkakh ji of Manigaam and Swami Nand-e-Bab Mastaan.


In the early years of his lifetime he had penned down a set of two beautiful Omkaars in Sharda manuscript and added to it Ram Ram on one side of the page and Shiv Shiv on the another page. From Ram side, Ram is shown within the Bindoo that indicates purely a Saakaar way. On the other hand the Shiv is not shown in the Bindoo, purely a Nirakaar way. We find the similar kind of space inside the ‘Sonipoutul’ the Sthanu, a form of lord Shiva that Kashmiri Pundits worship till date on the occasion of Shivratri the celestial marriage of Lord Shiva.


This document inspires us a lot and reveals the message Bhagavaan ji has given us. We should realize this fact that we the ordinary human beings are in the state of ‘Tri Guna Sahitam’ and this is what Ram side of the picture reveals and the people like Bhagavaan ji use to be always absorbed in the ultimate the ‘Tri Guna Rahitam’. When we go through the Bhagwad Gita,

Lord Krishna tells us to be in Yoga and then only act. Same thing is demonstrated in the two Omkaars drawn by Shree Bhagavaan ji.

The first Omkaar is the state of consciousness where we are in the state of "Karma", the action.  The Second one denotes the transcendental state of consciousness. Bhagawad Gita puts it as, "Yogastha Kuru Karmani," to be in Yoga and perform Karma. One more thing that is most important is that first Omkara which is surrounded by RAM also denotes the ever vibrating consciousness i.e. RA -"rararara"and in M it depicts the rest. This vibration and the stop are similar to that of RIK of Rigveda like "rrrrr rrrrr and k". Both the words have different effects but similar in their spiritual phonetic impact i.e. the continuity and rest. On the other hand in the second Omkaar, which is surrounded by SHIV, depicts the state of Samadhi like Lord Shiva is always shown absorbed in Samadhi. One bindu is shown empty not filled with any Beejakshara or the seed word. How beautifully our Tathi Bab has drawn these for us to get inspired and to be absorbed in deep meditation and also to be in the field of our work. The similar concept we find in all the three and a half fold of GayatriYonyi, the divine thread, the three layers and a knot. We are supposed to open up the knot through the practice of yoga and keep the journey on between the three folds and beyond the ultimate. Through a simple drawing we are blessed and given proper direction that everyone expects from a Guru.


The latest researches have unfolded the secrets of our great Rishis and Munis which was just previously told verbally and practiced secretly by selected people only that if realized how our own physiology is having the whole divine world within. From Ganapati, Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Brahma and all the 33 crore deities if practiced through yoga one can find any of these within without going to shrines and temples. We just have to follow the procedures of the great teachers like we have been guided by Tathi Bab to travel spiritually through the divine RAM and SHIV state of consciousness and experience Shoonyi, and so on. Ram and Shiv are used by Bhagavaan ji just to bring us to some particular platform but one can go through some other deities or names also as guided by the authority on the subject.


The incarnation (Ansh Avtaar) of Mother Sharika, “Alakhsheswari Rupa Bhawani” puts it as, Vrat Sat Tatto Boodh, Shodh Aachaara Ye Vyavhaara, Veed Tu Yoog, Chu Kunh Bu Kunh, Koo Vyachara, Achyan Dhara, Sui Chaein Roop." Ultimately everyone should experience through the practice of yoga the ever-vibrating consciousness to enter into the state of silence the real self; this is what is mentioned in the Yoga and Vedas.