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Dalip Langoo, is a prominent vocalist and cultural activist of the valley known for his songs sung in Gul-Gulshan-Gulfam and Say-e-Deodar-Ke for DD1 and DD2 respectively. He sings in various languages. He has been doing programmes on Radio, Television and Stage regularly since 1974. Mr. Langoo has been organising and participating in operas and variety programmes since 1978. He had the privilege to work with eminent writer-Director Mr. Pran Kishore Kaul, renowned actor, choreographer and music director Mr. Kishan Langoo, famous vocalist Malika Pukhraj, Pt. Tej Krishan Jalali, famous Music director and santoor player, Pt. Bhajan Sopori, writer director Mr. Radhey Krishan and eminent writer and film director Mr. Arun Kaul, Music Director Late Pt. Mohanlal Aima, film writer director Ved Rahi, writer producer Mr. Sunil Mehta and film actor- producer Mr. Prem Krishan. At present, Mr. Langoo is the Director of the Group.

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