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Miltsar Kashmir Music & Dance Group India popularly know as MIND (Miltsar India) is a cultural group from Kashmir. The group includes leading folk performers, musicians, writers, dancers, vocalists and other artists of repute. The group is committed to the promotion of art and cultural heritage of India, Kashmir in particular through Music and dance programmes, fashion shows, seminars, lectures & demonstrations.

The group was formed in 1980s by the renowned artists of Kashmir like eminent writer director Mr. Pran Kishore Kaul and Music director Pt. Kishen Langoo. 

The name MILTSAR was given to the group in 1988, by Ms. Sanjana Ganjoo, a group member and a cultural activist in a meeting held at famous Tagore hall at Srinagar in India, when the group was preparing for the centenary show of famous peot Mehjoor.

The group has been presenting various shows both in India and abroad. The members of the group have visited several countries of cultural repute like China, Japan, Singapore, USSR, South American countries and Caribbean Countries in this connection and participated in the festivals of highest repute.


 Pran Kishore Kaul: [Director, Screenplay writer, Theater personality]

Presidents Sahitya Natak Academy award recipient for the novel SHEEN TU WATU POD. And recipient of Siliver peacock for the feature film Maanzirath, Mr. Pran ji the creator of GUL GULSHAN GULFAM was instrumental in major cultural activities that took place in the Kashmir valley since past five decades thus made a unique contribution and place in the field. He is the founder of the group MILTSAR along with Mr. Hari Krishen Langoo. The group already existed and the new shape was given to it in 1988 when Mehjoor Centenary Celebrations were on in the state of J & K.  It was due to Pran jis novel efforts that the group represented India in the 12th festival of Asian Arts in Hong Kong in October 1988.

Ali Mohammed Sheikh and party: [Folk Singer]

Presidents Sangeet Natak Academy award winner Jinab Ali Mohammed is one of the living eminent folk singer who accompanied MILTSAR to the 12th festival of Asian Arts, which was performed in 1988 at HONG KONG. The unique style of Jinab Ali Sheikh made him famous amongst Kashmiries is now associated with the group since 1988. Widely traveled group is synonym to Kashmiri Chakri with a vibrant style of singing. People swarm around him wherever he performs. In Hong Kong too even non-Kashmiri audiences gave him excellent response for his beat and harmonious singing.

 Hari Krishen Langoo in center: [Choreographer, Actor and Music Director]

Recipient of Best Music Director of the year 1991-92 for the music of GUL GULSHAN GULFAM,  Mr. H.Krishen Langoo is a noted Music composer and founded the MILTSAR group, trained the artistes and created new creations for the group. In brief he is the source of inspiration for all in the group.