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Michael Manalo Lazo

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MICHAEL MANALO LAZO Social Insurance Number 480-962-588 Mailing Address : P.O. Box 1466 Stn M, Calgary, Alberta, Can. T2P 2L6 Email: Cell # (403) 383-1252, (416) 822-9081 ,(403)667-4367 Web Site – Resume Page 1 of 2 SKILLS Programming: Visual C++, Paradox for Windows, Assembly (68000, 80386,8097), SqlWindows, dBase III+, Prolog, Matlab, Access Visual Basic. Networks : Ethernet network installation, Microsoft for Workgroups,NT Server 4. Software : MS Word 97, WordPerfect for Windows, Quattro Pro, Visual Dbase, Excel, EasyCase for system architecture, Netscape,Internet Explorer. Operating Systems : Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, DOS, Unix. Hardware : PCs, P.C. Servers, Single Board Microcomputers, Mainframe, 8097 Microcontroller, Hardware Interfacing. Engineering : Semiconductors, Electronics, Hardware Interfacing, Electrical Power, Drafting. Manufacturing : Ship/Receiving, Inventory ,General Plant Operation, Purchasing, WHMIS Reg# 465195 etc… Finance : Basic Accounting, Background in Securities, Purchasing, Sales. Administration: Fax, Photocopy, Electronic Data Processing. Maintenance : Use of small tools, Minor car repairs, Household Installations. Studying : Electronic Technician (Education Direct-Correspondence) Self Studying : Novell Network, NT Server 5(WIN 2000),Corel VisioDraw, Multimedia,CAD/CAM/J++, Visual Basic Interest/Hobbies : Cycling, Science, Nature Trails, Basketball, Scrabble, Chess, Pilipino, Stamp Collecting, and Coin Collecting, RCAC Army Cadets – Silver Star with Reef -Cpl, Music,Computers, Bible Studies, Painting… Small Business : IFilCan – Owner EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Diversified Employment Service . (Jan 2003 - Present Dec 2003) Calgary, Alberta, Can. Industrial Work (Production Line, Cleaning, Light Construction Help, Snow shovelling, warehouse help …) Adecco Employment Service . (June 2001 – Present Dec 2003) Calgary, Alberta, Can. Industrial Work (Assembly of permanent sturdy sheds, warehouse pick ordering, load/unload trailers, sheet metal work, cleaning, stacking boxes for display, re-stacking boxes for shipment, car detailing, lawn sprinkler installation, warehouse help, moving warehouse equipment, etc…) ProTemps Employment Service . (Feb 2003 - Present Dec 2003) Calgary, Alberta, Can. Industrial Work Celestica International Inc. (Sep 1999 - Mar 26 2001) Computer Production Assistant. Assist in the production of Sun Microsystems’ printed circuit boards. Self Employed (Dec 1998 - Sep 1999) Parcel Sortations, Construction Labourer, Flyer Deliverer, Computer Tutor, Mail Courier, Sales for Satellite Receivers and Cellulars, Packaging, Computer Programming and Consultations, Volunteer, etc Applied Technology Solutions Inc. (Sigma Systems Group)., Toronto, Ont. (Dec 1998) Assisted in physical inventory for the Ministry of Education’s Y2K Project. NBS Technologies Inc., Mississauga, Ont. Inventory Analyst (Temporary) (1998 July - Oct) Develop and conduct procedures to certify equipments for Year 2000 compliance. Used MS Office 97. using Case Tools. Exposure to SqlWindows. Fred Victor Centre., Toronto, Ont. (1998 Feb - June) Database Analyst (Temporary/Volunteer) Development and data entry in MS Access 97 for centre’s user members and assist Network Administrator. Dar Computer Maintenance., Richmond Hill, Ont. (1995 May - Sep) Junior Analyst (4 month Co-Op) Interviewed employees and documented company’s work flow. MICHAEL MANALO LAZO Social Insurance Number 480-962-588 Mailing Address : P.O. Box 1466 Stn M, Calgary, Alberta, Can. T2P 2L6 Email: Cell # (403) 383-1252, (416) 822-9081 ,(403)667-4367 Web Site – Resume Page 2 of 2 Woodbridge Foam Corp., Mississauga, Ont. (1994 May - Dec) Junior Engineer (8 Month Co-Op) Programmed purchase order and materials tracking programs. Gemini Controls., Woodbridge, Ont. (1994 Sep - Dec) Programmer Programmed, trained and supported purchase order and timesheets. Database Engineering., Toronto, Ont.( November 1992.) Programmer -Exposure to Object 1 programming language. Minerva Technologies., Toronto, Ont. (1991 Sep - Oct) Programmer Exposure to C & SqlBase for a remote dial up system. North American Life Insurance Corp., Toronto, Ont. (1991 May - Sep) Programmer/Analyst Coded in Microsoft’s C6 for company employee insurance. NorTel.(Northern Telecom)., Ottawa, Ont. (1990 Sep - Dec) Junior Engineer (4 month Co-Op) Assisted engineers with duties to maintain Digital Multiplexed Switch. IsaTech - Direct Energy Marketing., Toronto, Ont. (1989 Sep - 1990 May) Programmer Allied Signals(Garret Canada)., Toronto, Ont. Programmed for customer order database. Coded in Turbo C. Junior Engineer (4 month Co-Op) (1989 May - Sep) Assisted Formal Tester with environmental aircraft controller. Department of National Defence., Ottawa, Ont. Programmer (4 month Co-Op) (1988 May - Sep) Programmed for NATO’s medical inventory and military physician’s training schedules. Coded in Ashton Tate’s dbase III+. Avenor Inc.(Great Lakes Corp.)., Dryden, Ont. (1987 Sep - Nov) Junior Electrical Engineer (4 month Co-Op) Fibreglas Canada. (Guelph, Ont.) (Jan 1987 – Apr 1987) Junior Engineer – Assist plant Engineer. College Pro Painting (Kitchener, Ont.) (1986 Summer) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Leader Instructor Camp (Ipperwash Ontario 1982) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Leader Camp (Ipperwash Ontario 1981) Education 2G/2.5G Wireless Networking Parchment (University of Calgary – Completed Dec 2002, Calgary, Alberta.) Computer P.C. Certificates (Calgary DropIn) Computer Engineering (University of Waterloo –1986-1996, Waterloo, Ontario.) Cameron Heights Collegiate (Secondary Honorary Graduation Diploma – Ontario Scholar-1984-1986, Kitchener Ontario.) Dennis O’Conner High School (1982-1984, Whitby Ontario.)