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Directed by
James Anderson

The following is an email from Mike Calnan.
With Mike's permission I have placed it here for everyone to see.

I continue to receive unsolicited comments from people making compliments about your show. One person today described it as the best she'd seen here, especially the Ascot scene. She thought it was William Mathews' best performance ever, she really liked Oliver, and she thought the quality of the background actors was exceptional.
P.S. I neglected to mention that she also commented on James', Alisha's, and Mark's performances.

More emails for cast and crew

I wanted to say that I have received several compliments from people who attended more than one performance and said that the closing show was by far the best they have seen in a while and was better than any of our other shows. Anyway...thanks for doing such a great job. Our jobs would be a lot harder if we didn't have you to take care of everything! It was a pleasure working with you all.
Kim and Chris

I would like everyone to know of the generous loan of the trees at 27A Wimpole Street by Dudley Maynord at Maynord Landscaping, since my request of him was too late to make it into the program. Even knowing what a terrible gardener I am, Dudley trusted me not to kill his two very expensive trees!
Also, I would like to commend the Buskers on their exceptional job of taking care of everything from stage left, while the adults were all huddled over at stage right. I enjoyed working with David and Leah and all the others who helped.
Denise Sassone

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