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What the heck is Meh!?
What is meh!?
meh! is a word or sound that is used to annoy or anger others.  It can be used in a number of places...
                             -church-(not during prayer!)
Meh! can also be used whenever: a question is too stupid, I'm too lazy to answer, I'm preoccupied, or I just flat out don't want to talk to you or say anything.
we are encouraging a revival of MEH!!
how you can help?
1.  Say MEH! as much as possible.
2.  Tell friends about meh! and to visit this site.
3.  Start chain emails about this site and meh!.
4.  put a link to this page on  your webpage, aol im info, etc.
use MEH! and make the link take people to

i must leave for now though...
meh! and my friends want to sleep!