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E-greetings and holiday cards by Virtual Gravy Greetings


This free digital greeting card site offers cards for many occasions.

 Send a free greeting to your friends and family.

 Beautiful graphics, music, java and humor. 

Quick and Easy to send e-greetings and fun pages.



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More birthday cards below on this page.

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Here at Virtual Gravy Greetings we have free e-cards for many occasions.
Send a free greeting card or joke to someone you know!
Ready made virtual postcards, quick and easy to send !

All of the greeting pages can also be sent by ICQ. See how

Many of the web cards have music, some featuring original songs by Yuko Ohigashi,

an amazing 14 year old composer , arranger, pianist.

Do you enjoy making greeting cards or writing poetry?
If you do, and you would like to submit an original card or poem,
click here to email me, and let me take a look.
If I use it I will be glad to give you credit and a link to your web site

Birthday Dad

Birthday Blast

Best Dad

By the Lake

Lake applet

Birthday Dad

Over the Hill Guy

Big Overgrown Kid

Birthday UFO

Funny Joke

How old are you now?

Belated Birthday

Old Dog

Birthday Toast

Birthday Mom


Birthday Angel

Flowers and Butterflies

How Special

Birthday Mom

Birthday UFO

Birthday Girl

Birthday Blast

Birthday Hug for Mom Greeting with music


Birthday Sister

Happy Bday Sis

I Love You Birthday Humor

Extra Special

Birthday Angel

Hey it's Your Birthday

Birthday Blast

Birthday UFO

Birthday Girl

Belated Birthday

Birthday Toast

Birthday Anyone

Birthday cards for just about anyone, Brother , Sister, Aunt , Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Friends, Cousins, co- workers, Just add your message and send.

Descriptions of Birthday cards 

Dancing Pages

Barn yard Dance

Birthday Brother

For a Brother


Birthday Toast

Birthday Hug

Birthday Wife

Flowers and Butterflies

Birthday Rose

Belated Birthday

Birthday Blast Wife

I Love You Birthday Funny

Birthday Angel

Wife Kiss

Special Offer

Fun Pages

You can find more fun page greetings in the links on the left.

My Brain & You

brainxtrans.gif (4478 bytes)

Happy Everything

happyeverything3.gif (10931 bytes)

Barn Dance

Birthday Grandmother

Flowers and Butterflies

Birthday Angel

Love Funny

Birthday Blast

How Special

Birthday Grandmother


Birthday Grandfather

Best Grandfather

By the Lake

Birthday Blast animation

Big Overgrown Kid


Birthday UFO

Love You Funny

 Old Dog

Birthday Daughter

Little Girl

Birthday Angel


Birthday Girl

Belated Birthday

Animal Farm

I Love You Birthday Joke

Daughter Kiss

Birthday Son

Wonderful Son

Hick Birthday Flash

Best Son

By the Lake

Birthday UFO

Birthday Blast

Funny Love birthday

Big Overgrown Kid

Real Happy

Old Dog

Belated Birthday

Birthday Angel

Birthday Son Adirondack photo

Birthday Farm

Birthday Girlfriend

Flowers and Butterfly

Birthday Blast

Humor Love


Bday Coupon

Birthday Girlfriend Rose

Birthday Boyfriend

Love You Birthday Funny

Birthday Kiss

I get a Bang out of you

Birthday Poem for My Special Man

B day Boyfriend Kiss

Birthday Hug

Get Lucky Coupon

Holiday Web Cards



Father's Day

Mother's Day



Labor Day

New Year

4th of July

Independence Day

Veteran's Day

President's Day


Memorial Day


St. Patrick's Day

April Fools Day

International Women's Day

Martin Luther King Day

Grandparents Day

E-cards of the Month


Have a Great Summer Day


Think Spring  !!!


A Hug for You

1000 Hugs

Send a hug greeting


A Rose for You


An Inspirational e-card

Ocean of Love


Have a Great Day a fun card with fireworks


Toe-riffic Day to You

Fun Humor card


Have a Happy Day with frog and animated butterflies


To Our American Soldiers




Good Morning


Think Summer


Smart Test


Special Day Roses

Every day multi purpose  greeting card


Just to say Hi Adirondack lake applet


I love You Lake applet overlay


I Miss You with cute puppy dog

Get well 

Feel better

For someone feeling blue

Get Well Sunshine

Feel Better Soon

Get well soon

Feel Better lake

Get Well Smiles

Feel Better

Sending an Angel

Comfort & Support

I am here for you

Loss of a pet


Loss of a Cat Poem greeting card

Cat loss glitter globe

Anniversary web cards

To My Husband

To a Couple

Wonderful Wife

Anniversary Anyone

Anniversary Kiss

Rose to My Wife 


Sympathy for a loss

With a beautiful Adirondack Mountain photograph 

Adirondack Scene Comfort & Support

Comfort & Support

I am here for you

Adirondack Greeting Cards

Cards featuring scenes from the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York State

Inspiration Inspirational

An Inspirational Virtual e-card

Ocean of Love

Think Spring


Poetry Page

Read poems submitted by visitors to my site.



It's a Baby Boy

It's a Baby Girl


It's a Boy from Grandmother


It's a Girl from Grandmother

Birthday Husband

I get a Bang out of You

I Love You B day Funny

Husband's Birthday

Overgrown kid

Birthday kiss

Birthday Poem for My Special Man

Hubby Kiss

Birthday Toast

Lucky Tonight


Digital art Ecards

Avant-Garde Art Introspection

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Smile Cards

My Smile cards are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Happy Frog 

Smiles from You

Make Someone Smile

Have a Nice Day

My Brain & You

Good morning good day

Brighten Your Day

A Hug for You

Forgive Me

Kiss & Make Up

Sad Dog Sorry

So Sorry

Forgive me Frog

Good Luck

All the Good Luck in the World

Good luck Hug greeting card


Graduation Hug Congrats too

Graduation Toast

Anime Graduation

Graduation Congratulations

Baby Boy

Baby Girl

Angels for the Baby

Just Congratulations



Congrats You're a Grandfather

Congrats You're a Grandmother

Congratulations Anyone with fireworks


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