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Rumpelteazer's Corner of the Junkyard

Hi! I'm Rumpelteazer, 'n' this is my corner o' the Junkyard. No' Munkustrap's or Mistoffelees' - no' even Jerrie's! MINE! All mine! Well, I guess I could ge' some of the other cats to help me, you know, for theirs bennifits, like. *winks*

There's a few cats I gotta give credit to - looks like they're tryin' to steal my limeligh'! Well, anyways, now ya can go to The Jellicle Throne to see all me 'thank you's!

Anyways, I hope ya will enjoy ya time 'ere 'n' I'll be your host fer the site (MY site!). I will try to do me best. So...Welcome! Feel free to look around me 'umble abode. Oh yeah, remember to leave ya paw print in ma guestbook! 'N' don't forget: Keep dancin'!




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7th October 2007 - Today I created a new page on cats names in different countries - with a huge thank you to Linka for giving me the information! I also put Linka on the Jellicle Throne, and I reinvented the former 'Jellicle Alphabet' page as 'Original Cats'.


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