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Jimmy Eat World

Table For Glasses

Sweep the dirty stairs
The ones I waited on
This is just for me
I felt it watching her
It happens too fast to make sense of it
To make it last

Where do you intend to go with your dirty dress?
Lead my skeptic sight to the table and the light
It happened too fast to make sense of it
To make it last

Not asking of me anything
Saying nothing about what it means
Without anybody telling me how I should feel
Lead my skeptic sight

Lucky Denver Mint

This time itís on my own
Minutes from somewhere else
Somewhere I made a wish with lucky Denver mint

Youíre not bigger than this, not better
Why canít you learn?

Hurry go on ahead
Good things wonít let you wait
Iíll catch up when we get home
At home Iíll leave
A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me

Youíre not bigger than this, not better
Why canít you learn?

Why canít I learn?

Your New Aesthetic

Weíre lowering the standards in a process selective
The formula is too thin
But it takes more than one person
So everyone jump on
Iíll miss you when youíre just like them

Imitate and water down
Until we crash Iíll write it out:
Selection breathes on its own
Make them open the request line and let selection kill the old
Turn off your radio

I remember back then thinking:
Easy comes but doesnít stay
What comes easy never stays
But the politics need means
And business never leaves
You better sing now while you can

Believe In What You Want

Donít bother going through your motions
Nothing that makes sense ever works out
Donít kid yourself; you know they want money
Nothing can be good on its own merit

You have it always
Spinning and spinning
Dancing in plastic, shake-up snow
Do you believe in what you want?

Put your trust in simple acts
Make the flyers; get them up all over town
Donít kid yourself; you know they want money
Please keep in sight what makes you care

You have it always
Spinning and spinning
Dancing in plastic, shake-up snow
Do you believe in what you want?

Your camera flash
On us, meaningless
You cannot waste a single night
What you ignore is priceless to me

A Sunday

On a Sunday Iíll think it through
On the drive back Iíll think it through
What you wish for wont come true
I live with that

On a Sunday she thought it through
Now as I drive back
thereís 36 less hours I have to change the course I send myself
I got to live with that

The haze clears from your eyes on a Sunday

On a Sunday go once around
Because when the rideís done
The hopes that you have carried
They fall out from your hands back to the ground
Live with that

Learn as the drugs leave
Learn as you lose it
	You will


Faintest snow keep falling
Hands around your waist
Nameless, standing cold

Life again
Take in restrain like a breath
My lungs are so numb from holding back

Walk close to the fence
Feel it hit your clothes
Turn and smile nice
Smile say good night
Say goodnight in a breath
Simple discourse breaks you clean in half

Do try it once and then you know
Your move
Settle for less again


Didnít mean to leave you hanging on, all alone
Merry Christmas baby


We left behind the busy crowd
So it seems we slow down
Meet me with a way out through the lies
Nowhere, going nowhere in the fake yellow light

The feelings change so fast
Safety scares them away
I cant bring myself to say it, itís my own advice I need
Nowhere and then nowhere living trapped inside the chase

Our weakness is the same
We need poison sometimes
So take another drink with me

Blame no one
Look in my eyes and blame no one

Just Watch The Fireworks

Here you can be anything
I think that scares you
Iíve been here before but only by myself

What giving up gives you and where giving up takes you
Iíve had and Iíve been
Here in center frame, here thereís only air
And just enough space to fit

I said it out loud over and over but what do I know?
I said it out loud but it did not help
Iíll stop now
Just so I can hear you I stay up as late as it takes
As long as it takes

I promised Iíd see it again
I promised Iíd see this with you now

For Me This Is Heaven

The first star I see may not be a star
We canít do a thing but wait
So letís wait for one more

The time, such clumsy time in deciding if itís time
Iím careful but not sure how it goes
You can loose yourself in courage

The mindless comfort grows when Iím alone with my ďgreatĒ plans
This is what she says gets her thought it:
ďIf I donít let myself be happy now, then when?Ē
If not now, when?

When the time we have now ends
When the big hand goes around again
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?

Close my eyes and believe wherever you are, an angel for me


Take advantage of these times, you said
You let me down
It hasnít been the first time
As Iím falling in the pit of fire, my mindís made up
Iím never coming back here

How long would it take me to walk across the United States all alone?
The west coast has been traumatized
I think Iím the only one still alive

Is it just a coincidence to see you by yourself with no direction?
Now itís time to move on.
Donít you know that things arenít getting better?

Donít try and stop me
Because Iím falling fast into this pit of fire which surrounds us all
In a blanket of fear that Iíve been wrapped in for years
You canít stop me

	When the world caves in, what are you going to do for me?


Iíll take your words as if you were talking to me
Say what I know youíll say, and say it through your teeth

With pride, keep every failure in
And with pride, hold on to your sinking

Now in the deep and down, your heart moves
Now in the deep and down
I donít know how but I know I want out

Wait for something better
Will I know when it can be us?
Maybe that doesnít mean us
Wait for something better?
I shouldnít, itís not enough
Pull one excuse from another
Just one excuse from another

This time it means us

Goodbye Sky Harbor

"Is tomorrow just a day like all the rest?Ē
How could you know just what you did?
So full of faith yet full of doubt I ask

Time and time again you said donít be afraid
ďIf you believe, then you can do itĒ
The only voice I want to hear is yours

I shall ask you this once again
And again
He said: ďI am but one small instrumentĒ
Do you remember that?

So here I am above palm trees so straight and tall
You are smaller, getting smaller
But I still see you

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