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Alien Ant Farm


Contrary to the matter
Who you are
You are not
Come with me
Iíll show you Saturn
Planets donít quite align

You should try not to be so courageous
I never said you were a mistake at all
You got it all wrong
Youíre misunderstanding

Traveled far for this lover
Who she was she was not
But honestly it donít matter
Aliens ainít farmers

You should try not to be so courageous
These dismal moods have become contagious


At slow speed we all seem focused
In motion we seem wrong
In summer we can taste the rain

I want you to be free
Donít worry about me
And just like the movies
We play out our last scene

Two can play this game
We both want power
In winter we can taste the pain

In our short years, we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away

You wonít cry
I wonít scream
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
And if we make a little space
A science fiction showcase
In our short film
A love disgrace
Dream a scene to brighten face
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad
Just to throw it away

Flesh And Bone

His moisture slides from my eyes
It glistens, it glistens
Thereís nowhere left to go now
If you teach me, Iíll listen
A favorite time to mistakes
In salt lakes
We all shake
Consider me your apprentice
Yet hesitant

Please show me a sign

Come inside, kneel
Remember who built your home
I built you flesh and bone

This image comes from somewhere
Who is it?
Spiritual visit
Coincidence is one thing
Immaculate timing
Everything we had is gone
Something new must come up strong now
I feel that I belong
And I trust you
And I love you

Come inside, kneel
Remember what you hear
And Iíll be still right here

And Iím torn between halos, demons
All these words with cryptic meanings
Separate seasons
All these issues and mixed up feelings
And I have to choose

Everything we had is gone
Something new must come up strong now
I feel that I belong
And I trust you
And I love you

Come inside, look around
Iíll lift off the ground
I snapped your ribs made a lover
So you could share each other
Come inside, kneel


Itís my arms that wrap you up nice
Itís my arms, itís my arms baby
Small rooms with record exec types
Whisper away my future baby

Iíll introduce you to producers
Iíll write your songs and make them way damn shorter

Iím so confused
This industry has made me cold
I trusted you to make me shine bright
This is almost getting old

Shock me with fear itís taking longer
Blood sweat and years will make me way damn stronger

Itís my words that fail to give insight
I blame you, blame me baby

It suits me just fine

This is the package Iím sending
These are the clothes that Iím wearing
These are the words that Iím saying
These are the notes that they are playing


So you finally fessedí up to her
All the lies you said
Now you kindly kiss up to her
But the feelingís dead

Several days have passed now
Darker than any damn cloud now
Liquid sunshine falls down
Harder than all the damn hounds

Tried to give you summer
But Iím winter
Wish I could make you spring
But I fall so hard

So you always did what you wanted
We will be on our own
I will soon let you go now
Things will be alright

Several weeks have passed now 
Grayer than any gray cloud
Several weeks have passed now
And itís so hard

And itís so hard to get out of bed
Sheís impossible to get out of your head

Sticks And Stones

I liked you
You showed me
Those calls must continue

Time is collapsing in my head
I built all the walls you canít come in
You were the one that called me last
I highly doubt this thing will last

Sticks and stones, they hurt
When you shoot them through the phone
And you dragged my name through dirt
And it hurts to left here all alone

Elegant thoughts I will not share
My symphonic silence
I hope you can bare it, baby
I like you
You showed me
Exactly who I donít want to be

Iíll always look for you
Iíll always look for you
No stone was left unturned

You were the one that called me last
I highly doubt this thing will last
Cause you were the one that messed up

Sticks and stones get shot through the telephone
With instant results, weíre both left alone


Maybe I act on confused behavior
Maybe waves crash like semi-trailer
Maybe Iíll spend my off time without you
It seems like we need our own space

And all the time I wasted away
I donít feel good unless you stay
And all the times I chased you away
Simply to catch back up with

Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome

All you see is red lights behind me
Maybe this isnít what you wanted, baby
I donít blame you falling backwards
On oneís ever quite confused you this way

And all this time we wasted away
We donít feel good unless weíre gray
And all the times I chased you away
I simply donít feel good

All this time we heard alarms
Come to find, we fell apart
This whole thing has crashed down, crashed down
All this time, we heard alarms

You are welcome


Your waves come crashing down
Like a semi-auto trailer
I dive so deep in the sea
To avoid killer whales
A perfect moment here and gone
It has sailed
Iíll use a hammerhead to drive
Rusty nail inside

Iím feeling the sea beneath you, beneath me
Iím feeling the sea beneath me, beneath you

Imagine if our world was blue and weightless
I never meant to do wrong to you
Youíre my starfish

You mean a tone so low beyond me
A telepathic frequency
I need a little air for emergency
You have to understand this urgency

Iím feeing the sea beneath me, beneath you
White sand beneath my feet
No brain between my ears
Iím feeling the sea beneath you, beneath me
I know that if I had one
Iíd spare us both these years

A sea anemone
Youíre my enemy


Proud, proud is to hear it all yeah yeah
Proud ah proud, proud is to watch us fall yeah yeah
Make a wish
Make a succotash wish
You live the pompous life
Throw kisses all the time
Make wishes
Donít break mine

Cold fire used to inspire all not now
These are tired
Maybe theyíll find their niche
Or resort to wish

Donít be low
You better watch the road
Donít be low
You got the strength and the balls

Chimes used to break my wish


So make it real
Just make it real
Calico cats and calico dreams
That ainít too real
Just make it real

Feel all the seasons flood through you and me
And see what trouble sheís in
But thatís not a reason to fire me
That ainít no real reason

Collisions hurt and abrasions bleed
Itís hard to deal when all you do is feel

Campfires swell into monstrous things
That summer heat thatís winter deep

And all your wild winds
They couldnít stop me from flying

Death Day

I slowly shoot these words like weapons
And go insane
I watch you drive your studio car
You go away
You never were one to use caution
It slipped away
You know Iíd love to see it happen

Happy death day to you baby
I know youíre flying in the blue now
Weíll be tighter real soon now baby
Donít you worry
Papaís got a brand new body bag for you

Cable cars run through my mind
Reminiscent bay
I always tried to keep you near me
Without the pain
I love to tie us into knots
We slipped away
I tried to captivate you, on that evening
He was leaving
With the girl Iíd like to kill

And I got a fresh new kind of attitude
And he ainít ever ever coming back to you


We should have waited
We should have waited

We love to break the seasons
And youíre the reason
We used to shake the beehive
To relax and rewind

See why you cry
See why you save
Your regimen is gonna die
See what you know
Letís see what you throw
Your regimen

Waiting? So
Waiting? I know

See why you came
See why you go
Your regimen is oh too slow
See why you cry
Get sting from the hive
Your regimen

See! And we donít mind
Are you gone?
Are you ashamed?

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