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Annie 11, orphan, belter, mezzo (A- high F)
Oliver Warbucks, 50 - 60, billionaire. Warm-hearted, stiff-colared: baritione (C-high F)
Miss Hannigan, 40's, mean old drunken principal of Orphanage; mezzo (A-A flat)
Grace Farrell, 20's, secretary to Warbucks, beautiful; soprano (A-high G)
Rooster Hannigan, Miss Hannigan's no-good brother, baritone (B-high G)
Lily, Rooster's floozy girlfriend, soprano (D- high G)
FDR, the President, baritone (C flat - E sharp)
Drake, Warbucks' English butler. (baritone)
Molly, littlest orphan, 6
Pepper, the toughest orphan, 12
Kate, the next to littlest orphan, 7
Duffy, the biggest orphan, 13
Tessie, the cry baby orphan, 10
July, the quietest, 13.
Bundles McCloskey, the laundryman
Dog Catchers
Lt Ward - NYC policeman
Mrs Pugh, Oliver Warbucks' cook
Cecille and Annette, French maids
Star To Be - ingenue aspiring actress
Bert Healy - radio personality
Radio Singers Bonnie, Connie and Ronnie Boylan
Chorus: New Yorkers Hoovervilles Servants