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   Description: Toms will be toms!  Bombalurina is having trouble with the guys again! They just don't know when to quit ( sounds like some guys I know ehem!  

 Why me

By Bomby


I walk down the street looking around.*No!don't follow me!* Pouncival,Tumblebrutus,Alonzo,and Coricopat all in a line are walking only a few feet behind me. I dive into a pub right into Munkustrap and Tugger. "Uh...Hi." Munkustrap in his lowest voice says to me.He puts his paw on my shoulder roughly and leads me out. *Oops not supposed to be in there.* He shows me right to the other toms. "Well what makes almost every tom of the tribe to this side of town?" All the toms point to me.


"Gee...You are popular Bomb." Tugger pushes Munkustrap's paw off of my shoulder and slips his arm around my waist."I was kinda hopin' to get you to myself today but...." He pauses and grooms my ears. I sigh and wish he'd stop but might as well not say anything. The other toms fight with each other. Munkustrap's eyes grow wide and fill with hate and anger.

"Ha!I win!"Pouncival's victory cry interrupts my thoughts and Tugger's movements. "Well you ready Tugger?"

*Huh?What's he supposed to be ready for?*I don't mind when he moves away from me though.Pouncival smirks and crouches down Tugger follows. "I am so gonna beat you!" Pouncival lunges at Tugger who swiftly side-steps the attack. I feel something behind me and turn around. Coricopat was standing right behind me leaning foward slightly. As soon as I turn completly around he kisses me.

"Yeah!" He darts off into the crowd of toms. I can hear his muffled voice. "Everlasting that did feel great!"


I see Munkustrap and saunter over to him. He grins and I look over at the fight. Pouncival finally pounces Tugger who had somehow gotten his claw stuck on something. When I turn back around Munkustrap is arguing with Tumblebrutus.

"Oh well this was your idea in the first place!" Tumblebrutus tries to claw Munkustrap but Alonzo stops him. "Fine.Put me down and i'll stop." Alonzo gingerly places the white and brown tom down. He leaps at Munkustrap and pins him down.

*Well here I go.*I walk over to them and crouch down.I put my paw under Tumble's chin and run it up the side of his face. He moves off of Munku and puts his arms around me. *I really need this.* Munku gets up showing a scar on the side of his face.

"What were you two arguing about?" Neither one of them says anything. Munkustrap slinks off and Tumble begins to groom my ears. The fight between Tugger and Pouncival is over,Pounce won. He walks over to me and peels Tumble's arms from my waist. Tumble looks at his friend and seems hurt. All of the other toms walk away with their heads down. "Uh...Tumble?"He dosen't even look at me.

"Bomba....."I turn back to Pounce who's holding out his paw. "Com'on I was hoping we could get an early start today." I take his paw and walk with him down the street. The toms had begun this whole thing awhile ago.  They all fight and the two that make it past all the others fight in front of me and the 'champion' takes me out.

*I just love being a prize...*

"Well where are we going?" Pounce looks over at me and gives me a sly smile.He points to a make-shift table behind a quaint french restaraunt. He lifts my paw and walks me over there. I sit down after he pulls my 'chair' and motions for me. "When did this get set-up?" He shakes his head and grins at me. Mistoffelees walks out looking at Pounce as if he were a deadly pollicle.

"What would you like from our uhm....restraunt?" Underneath his breath he mutters "I can't believe you made me do this Pounce." I giggle and get odd looks from the two toms.I wave my hand to dismiss the giggle. "Well?" Misto's getting bored with watching me sit there and Pounce watching me. Pounce moves his gaze up to Misto and thinks for a moment.

"I think that fish sounds good. Don't you Bomba?" I nod my head watch the tuxedo tom walk away with an irritated look on his face. I move over a little so I can see past Pounce but he moves also.*Drat!* "Bomba..."I look up and see Pounce glaring over my shoulder." Come over here." I move over beside Pounce and see why he wanted me to move. An angry pollicle jumps onto the table and growls at us. I scream and Misto pops up in front of us. He shoots a small lightning bolt at the large dog's nose. It whimpers and backs away with it's tail between it's legs. "If you wouldn't have come in I would have gotten rid of it."

Misto ignors Pounce and comes over to me."Are you alright?"I nod my head and he leads me over to a chair and sits me down."You sure?"I nod my head again and Misto looks over at Pounce and sighs.I look up at him and remember from when we were only a month old. He had rescued me from a very angry stray .But when Alonzo showed up he sighed and left. "Hey Bomb." Misto was waving his paw in front of my face. "Bomb com'on we're gonna go get he fish and haul it back to the Junkyard, no pollicle'd ever go there."

"Alright but Pounce I hope you know this was a really bad date." He nods his head and walks away. Misto and I giggle a little and he helps me up.I hug him and when I pull back he looks shocked .I giggle again."Like i've never done that before."He shakes away the dumb look on his face and we go after Pounce.


"Deme!Deme where are you!"I call for my sister and run head on into Misto."Hey.Have you seen Demeter anywhere?"He shakes his head no and looks over his shoulder.

"No I haven't seen her but I could help you look."I smile and he looks over his shoulder again."Why are you looking for her?"

"Well I haven't seen her for a while and I wanted to talk to her about getting her tom to stay away from me. "He shakes his head." And why do you keep looking over your shoulder?" He dose it one more time and grins.

"Um....Pounce is kinda mad at me because of last night, and he told me not to go near you." *He can't tell my friend what to do!*

"Well rules were made to be broken.And Pounce doesn't own me." I grab his paw and we head off looking for Demeter.


"We've looked all over the Junkyard!I can't believe we haven't found her!"I listen to Misto and grin a little. *Well at least I have someone to complain with.*

"Misto are you sure you didn't make her disappear?" He looks at me with a shocked innocent face and breaks out into giggles. "I knew you did it! So where is she?"He finaly stops laughing and stood up.

"Well you want her here now?" I nod my head.In a bright bolt of lightning I see Demeter standing in front of me. "There you are." Demeter looks at him and sticks her tounge out. He waves and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

"Where were you?" She flops down on a cushion and huffs. I gently place myself beside her and look at the ceiling of the old oven.

"I was arguing with Cassie over who should be in the next magic show. Misto made us both disappear and I was about to win too." I giggle at he stuck out lower lip and she looks over at me. "Well what do you want?"

"Oh. Munkustrap was being a tom today and tried to urm...ask me on a date." I avoid Demeter's hurt look and try to explain. *But it's not my fault.*"I didn't do anything Deme. He put his arm around my shoulders made me lean in and asked me out. I said no and told him that he was with my best friend and I would never hurt her."She smiles and looks up from the ground.

"So how'd your date with Pounce go?" I groan and she giggles. "That bad huh?" I nod my head and we giggle. Misto appears and makes us jump ten feet in the air.

"Sorry. Demeter I know you and Cassie have some unfinished business so i'll send you there if you two are done talking." We nod our heads and Demeter disappears."Well do you have anything in particular to be done or can I sit here and talk to someone for a change?"

"Well unless I felt like being followed by lovesick toms, which I don't, then I say let's talk!" He grins and takes the place where Demeter was. "Well what did you wanna talk about?"I gaze up at the ceiling and then to Misto.

"Well now that I have your attention I don't want to say it." I giggle and lick his cheek. "Wha..." I pounce on him and pin him down. I giggle as I watch the tom struggle to get up. "Com'on let me up!"I shake my head and swat at his whiskers.

"Nope now what did you want to say to me?" He shakes his head and squrims tickling me with his tail. "Com'on Misto I will let you up....after you say what you came here to say.

"Fine. But I know you're gonna hate me for it." I move so that I have both my legs on the right side of his stomach. "I kinda wanted to...urm...uh...I wanted to ask if you'd..." I giggle at the stammering tom beneath me and flip over so my stomach is on his. "Oof!" I play with a piece of carpet as the tom bats at my twitching tail.

"Well." I watch him stop playing with my tail and look at the floor. "Misto you're one of my best friends anything you ask me won't get me mad." I look at him and his white face turns slightly red.

"Fine but I know your not gonna like this. I want to know if you'd go on a date with me." *So that's why he waned to talk.* He looks at my frown and quickly trys to explain. "I'm so sorry Bomb.I wanted to ask for such a long time but couldn't till now and  guess it wasn't the best time to." I push myself off of him and turn around so he's facing my back. I hear him sigh.

"Misto. Like I said you're my best friend and all....but....I just don't know right now. After all the tom that wins the final fight might want to fight you if I was seen dating you." I turn around and see Misto's shoulders slump.

"I should have know you wouldn't want me.I mean a beautiful queen and me I think I was just dreaming when I thought you might say yes. I only hope you finally find love. I know without you I won't."I open my mouth to speak but he disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Misto...." *I shouldn't have done that.He's a great tom but....I don't know.He's always been there for me and he always helped me out.*Munku walks in the door."Uh....Hi." *I don't want to talk to you go away.*He walks over to me.

"Hi.Have you seen Demeter?" I shake my head no. *I don't know where she is right now so might as well say I haven't seen her.*"I thought she would be talking to you but guess I was wrong."

*Leave.Me.Alone.*I go to the door and wave.

"Well I got to go Munkustrap i'll tell you if I see Demeter. Bye." I step out of the door.I see the group of toms and Mistoffelees." *Oh great." Munkustrap steps out of the oven too and joins the other toms. Alonzo walks up to me and takes my arm. I see Munkustrap and Coricopat take Misto's arms and haul him up.

"I believe he has something he wants to say to you." Alonzo pulls my arm and Misto is dragged to me. "Now tell her.Or else." Misto turns his head away. "Fine be that way. Munkustrap you know what to do." Munkustrap strikes Misto across the face. I try to go over to him but Alonzo holds me back. "Now are you gonna say it?" He shakes his head and Munku strikes him again. "I'm sorry he won't do it. He will be too. Now come on we have a date." I walk away with Alonzo and hear Misto whimper. I pull away from Alonzo and run to Mistoffelees.

"STOP!"I knock Coricopat away from him but Munku holds tight. Alonzo grabs me and Misto zaps him.Munku claws him and gets a large burn on his face. Misto drops to the ground and I run over to him. "Are you alright?"He looks up at me then pulls his paw away from mine.

"See. Now be a good queen and come with me." I turn my back to Misto and take Alonzo's paw. "Now,where would you like to go?"I shrug my shoulders and walk away with him. *Why would Misto be so hateful to me after I helped him from being killed by the other toms?*

"Why were you trying to hurt Misto?" I look at Alonzo. He rolls his eyes and sits me down. "Why?Just tell me Alonzo." He sits down and taps his fingers on the table.

"Because he was a threat. He would have been trouble if we didn't take charge. Now can we continue without mention of Mistoffelees?" I nod my head. "What do you think sounds good mice,or fish."

"Mice. I don't want fish again." I look at him as Tumble walks out with a plate of mice. "That was fast." He laughs and scoots closer to me. *How was Misto a threat?And did the toms do something to make him be so mean to me?*

"Well now where would the lady like to go?" Alonzo stands after finishing his mouse and offers me his paw. "Home,to the movies, or to the Junkyard?" *Home.*I take his paw and stand up.

"The Junkyard. If that please the gentletom."He nods his head and we walk down the alley to the Junkyard.*At least someone else will be there.* "So who did you beat today?" *I don't care just keep your tounge off my ears.*

"Well, Pouncival was the last one. He really tried hard but just couldn't beat me." *Yeah,shut-up.* "Tumble was the first one to be beaten. He just dosen't have that much strength." *How wonderful.Take me home please!* We reach the Junkyard and go over to the broken car. "So the Junkyard does look better with a beautiful queen standing under the full moon in it." *Go chase a pollicle.*

"Flattery will get you nowhere." I hop onto the hood and lay down. *The moon is beautiful.* Alonzo jumps up beside me and looks at my face.*What!Leave me alone!*

"So when are you gonna choose someone for the ball?" *I don't know but I am not choosing you.*I look up at him and shrug my shoulders."I was hoping maybe you'd go with me." *Duh.But I don't want to see you again let alone go the ball with you.*

"I really don't know who I want to go with yet." *Actually I do but I ain't gonna tell.*He looks at the moon and then at me. I shiver and he snuggles up close to me .I push him away. "I want to go home now Alonzo. Thank you for the wonderful evening." I hop off of the trunk and walk home.


"I know you're watching Misto.Get your fuzzy butt over here."I see the small tom creep out from under the car and try to run off. "Stop!" He stops and I walk over to him. "Now why have you been acting like such a jerk to me?"

"Me a jerk! Alonzo told me you told him you never wanted to even see me again! And you think i'm a jerk!" *Alonzo!You back-stabbing jerk!*I place my paw on his shoulder and he pulls away.

"Misto I never said that. You know me better than that." *Please talk to me.*"I love you as if you were my own flesh and blood. But I truly love another. You were there for me since kittenhood and I love you for that please talk to me." *Everlasting please.*

"I love you too. I guess you never would say that. But who is the other you love?" I shake my head and place my paw on his shoulder again. *I won't tell yet.* "Fine. Be that way." He grins and I give him a friendly hug."Will you help me?"

"Help you with what?"I flop down and he follows suit. He looks down for a while and I scoot closer. He wraps his tail around my back and looks at me. I do the same and rest my head on his shoulder.

"I was wondering....You know what queens like. Could you help me find a date for the Jellicle Ball?" I smile at him and nod my head which is still reastng on his shoulder. *Who would Misto be good with?Oh I know!*

"Do you have anyone in mind?" He shakes his head and wrinkles his nose. I giggle a little. "Well would you mind Electra? She's had a crush on you for a long time." He shakes his head and blushes.

"No I acutally.....kinda like her too." *Perfect.Electra and Misto will be happy at the ball.*"So when do I and Electra know if we're really gonna go together." He looks down at me and grins.

"Well the sooner the better soooo......"I jump up and grab his paw. I pull him up and we run off to find Electra.*Boy this will be fun.*


We find Electra playing with Etcetera and Victoria.When she sees Misto she blushes slightly. "Could we talk to Electra for a minute?" The other kittens run off giggling. "So do you know why we're here?" She shakes her head. "Well Misto has something he wants to ask you.

I push Misto foward and he looks at me nervously.I nod my head. "Um....Electra will to the ball with me?" She beams and nods her head vigorusly. *Big surprise.*I smile and drape one arm over Misto and the other over Electra.

"Now I want you two to play nice hear." They smile and nod at me. I take my arms back and they run off paw in paw.*Well at least he has a date for the ball.*

"Bomb!" Mungojerrie slips out from the car's trunk. "I been lo'kin for ya the 'ole day!" *Why?*"So wha' did ya just do?I believ' it was a good deed!"I giggle a little and sigh as Coricopat walks over to me. "'ell se ya la'er Bomb!" Mungo runs off and Cori grabs my paw.

"Well are you ready?" I nod my head and we leave the Junkyard.In a back alley we stop. "You aren't really happy with how everything is are you?" I shake my head. "Then why do you put up with it?"

"I don't know Cori.I just feel like I have to.I know every tom watches me until I have gone completley out of their site and know what they want." He nuzzles me and I look at him. *I love him but only as a brother.I only love one tom.*

"I know. Go find him,he wants you too." I smile at him and he hugs me.We walk back to the Junkyard.


    "Where is he!" I had been looking for him for nearly an hour.I see Rumpleteazer and walk over to her."Have you seen Mungo?I've been looking for him for a long time.

"The last time Oi saw 'im 'e was wit' Munku an' Tumble.Why ya been lo'kin' for 'im?"I shrug my shoulders and wave to Rumple.I walk to the old washer and see the three toms.

"Guys?" They all look up at me. "Can I talk to Mungo?"Tumble and Munku jump out and leave us alone."I been looking for you all day."He grins and I scoot close to him.

"Oi been lo'kin' for ya too."I smile and wrap my tail around his back. "Oi was won'rin' if ya'd go to the Ball wit' me?"I nod my head and nuzzle him.I lay my head on his muscular calico arm and let him pet my ears.


The ball was teriffic!Alonzo was with Cassie,Electra was with Misto, Cori was with Rumple,Tantomile was with Tumble,Etctera was with Tugger and I was with Mungo.Things couldn't have gotten better.But it did.Mungo asked me to be his mate.I happily said yes.Now things can't get better.Or can they....

The End