The Les Miserables Story Line

Les Miserables has about three parts to follow in it, it may sound complicated but it isn't.*~*~*~*~*French Revolution Time*~*~*~*~*~* Jean Val Jean is a criminal who gets released from his jail sentence, but Javert, the jailor is still after him. He goes to a ministers house to spend the night and then he has no money, so Valjean steals two silver candle sticks. He takes his flight and then Javert becomes even more intent on finding him, but the minister tells Javert that he gave the candle sticks to Jean Val Jean. Jean Val Jean is touched to do good by this, and then he becomes mayor of the town. is a woman who works for Jean Val Jean, she is fired from her job and gets into prostitution. Her child, Cosette is someone who Jean Val Jean feels spiritually responsible for. Cosette is currently living with M and Mme Theanadier who barely regard her and spoil and pamper their daughter Eponine. Jean Val Jean Meets Cosette while she is hauling water back to the Theanadiers who treat her like a slave. Cosette gets rescued by Val Jean, and they are happy, but then Javert is still looking for Val Jean. Javert thinks he has the culprit, never expecting the mayor of the town to be wanted....meanwhile the French revolution is going on and many people end up dead because of that. A few years later, Mariusfalls in love with a nice, well dressed Cosette, while Eponine the once spoiled daughter has been thrown out onto the streets to work and is dressed in rags. Eponine loves Marius, and always bemoans her woe of unrequitted love. Marius and Cosette have are in love together, and their life ends up happy.