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My Name Is Marijuana

By Erwin Jones,

My name is marijuana
I entered this country through the waters
At the borda, And the skies, in a Cessna.

I'm very old
I've seen many lands
Many people.
I'm used for good and evil.

2000 years ago, I was used as a herbal tea in China.
My origin though, is still unknown.
Nobody knows for sure,
Stories about me have always been told,
Once again I'm on a world tour.

I travel a lot like the breeze
Swift, cool, high and low;
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
But I usually get where I want go go.

So, like the breeze,
I'm now in Belize.

Like fire, I am used for both good and bad.
but it's SAD
to see how I'm used today for mostly bad.

Of course this is not good news
Cause in Belize I'm seriously abused,
Misused, and outrightly confused.

I'm used by almost everyone
From the common man
To Babylon and Politicians,
Oooops….Yes Politicians.
They also abuse and misuse me
To get high when they try
To forget
Belizeans plight of ignorance and poverty.

This is a secret between you and me
Because I care.
Many Politicians are responsible for me
Being here.
Selling me they get rich…
And buy fancy cars,
While young people get caught with me
And sent to punish behind bars.

Open your ears now, young fellow
There's something else you need to know.
My best friend is cocaine
When we're together
They call us primo.

Together we have done damage
We've had many young people
Kicked out of college
We've made lawyers behave foolishly
Like they don't have any knowledge

We destroy
We can make a man behave like a boy
We're hotter than hot
Colder than cold
We would make a man
Sell everything is his household.

We have made a son killed his father
A father raped his daughter
Friends turned enemies
Mothers aborted babies
And yet I'm still abused
Misused and confused?

My friend, to be honest
I can't be trusted
Don't take me for granted
Someday I'll have you busted
You'll go to jail
Without no bail.
I'm very dangerous
Stay away from me

If you want a future in Belize
I would encourage you
To leave me be
After all, my name is Marijuana

Erwin's Poems

(Published in his first book)
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