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Keith Joshua



b. 31 July 1974, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

This urban rap/ragga artist, writer, producer and actor started his career in church at a very early age. By the age of 13 he was already popular, performing with hometown DJ’s in local concerts. He developed his own style of clean ragga/rap, writing positive lyrical content instead of the stereotypical gangster ideology that he was literally exposed to. Keith supported international acts like Reel 2 Reel, Twenty 4 Seven, The Temptations, The Manhattans and rubbed shoulders with Shaggy, CE CE Peniston and Shabba Ranks.

He focused on music and education instead of the negative influences of “Ghetto life” and graduated in 1997 with an Honors Degree in Film, Theatre and World Music (B.Dramae-honors). He launched his own record company Pozitivity Records which ran for two years, successfully completing two club albums “Pozitivity” and “Party Hardy”. These albums were not released in the market and everything became clear in June 1999 when a prophetic word changed his life in a Christian Youth Rally. Very shortly doors began to open and his acting style brought him to the attention of Endemol who cast him in a gangster role of “Isidingo-The Need” for a year.

Keith went back into the studio and re-mixed one of his songs “Envy, Jealousy, Temper, Pride” which hit No.1 in the Highway FM Panasonic Christian Contemporary Chart Show. Keith signed his first record deal with Brettian Productions early 2002.  He launched his new album in Pennsylvania, U.S.A in November 2002 when he performed with Out Of Eden. Supported by his wife Evelyn, Keith intends to influence many people through his music ministry.