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The Purpose of Business Organization

Businesses exit to serve customers. So customers are more important than any stockholders, the workers, or the management. Without customers, there is no business. So the main purpose of the business organization is to serve and satisfy its customers. The organization’s vision statement provides the future state of the organization to strive to reach. With the good leaders in the organization, it will create synergy and vision.

However, in the beginning and in the unstable condition, the purpose of the organization will be to survive. There should be shared vision and values. It must have a mission statement and commitment to the mission at all levels of the organization. This mission statement prevents the organization from being distracted and sidetracked. It will focus on the energies and resources of the organization. Workers and their knowledge are the resources of the organization. This will make a healthy environment in the team and keeps the organization strong and success.  It is not the friendship; it is a different type of relationship that makes any organization special and success. The team should be aligned. There will be wasted energy in an unaligned team in the organization. But when a team becomes more aligned, a commonality of direction emerges, and individuals’ energy harmonize. There will be less wasted energy. For this the organization has to learn. It is only possible through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning. But without it no organizational learning occurs and there will be no progress.

In any business organization, customer’s faith is the most valuable property. Customers are the kings in the field of business. It should focus on following three factors.

1. Responsiveness:

The organization should be able to respond quickly to meet the customer’s needs. The lagging time i.e. the management time should be minimized. The less the time lag, the quicker will be the responds so the better will be output. The customer’s needs also vary. It changes with the passes of time and the services of the organization. So the organization, too, has to develop accordingly.

2. Reliability:

There should be reliability to meet the commitment made to the customers. Commitment to the customers should not be made lightly. It should be the highest priority of the business and should always be meet.

3. Design with Quality:

The goods and services delivered to the customers should be in new design with quality. Nothing is constant in the world, except change. And people forget about the price with the passes of time, but quality remains so long as it does exist. The production should not be considered as a sold production as soon as it is bought by a customer, it is sold only when it is bought and satisfied the customer.

The above three factors - responsiveness, reliability, and quality design, are just like the three wheels of a tri-wheeler automobile. Each factor is equally important to make any business organization strong and success. Comments and suggestions, from the customers, are always to be listened. It helps the organization to track the right path. Open-door policy in the organization makes every employee feel comfortable to work.

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