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Karate is a martial art. The word meaning is bare hand. Karate traces its origin to Kalari Payattu a martial art of Kerala, a South Indian state. The essentials of this system were absorbed by Buddhist monks and adopted suitably for use without weapons for self defense as Karate. This system was perfected in Japan, from where it reached other parts of the world.


Isshinryu (one heart/one mind) is introduced in 1954 by Tatsuo Shimabuku. The powerful, lightning-fast techniques of Karate enabled the weaponless Okinawans to endure the rein of the Chinese empire and to defeat the sword-wielding Samurai of Japan.


Isshinryu's main goal is to perfection of oneself through physical and mental development. Students  acquire self-confidence, serenity and humility. Isshinryu has many advantages: