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My Rendition

Thodudaya cheviyan

This is the first song by Thirugnana sambandhar, at the age of three, and this song indicates the five major actions of the God, namely, creation, protection, destruction, hiding in illusion, blessing.

Line by line reading in English

Thoodudaiya cheviyan vidai eeriyoor thuuven madhi choodi
Kaadudaiya sudalaip podi poosy ennullam kavar kalvan
Eedudaiya malaran munainaat panindheetha arul seidha
Peedudaiya piramaapuram meeviya pemman evan andree

Pan: Nattappaadai


"The God with a ring in His ears appear on the Holy Bull (creation), He has the moon on his head ( protection*),
He wears the ash of the burnt bodies in the cremation ground (destruction),
He- that thief- has stolen my heart (Hiding),
He blessed the Brahma, who is on the Lotus, when he prayed the God in the past (blessing),
He is that Peruman of the great Piramaapuram*".

* protection - In order to prevent the moon from getting destroyed the God wore the moon on His head
Piramapuram- Another name of Sirkazhi.