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Tha JermiTT! Getz Hiz Ear Pierced!

my left ear lobe wuz pierced at 7:23 pm on september 7, 2004

so, i wanted to get my ear pierced bcuz...well, i think just cuz kristen wanted me 2. kristen also kept telling me she went 2 claire's and it really really really hurt. i looked online @ stuff and found out that ur not s'posd 2 go 2 a place that uzes piercing gunz cuz they r usually mostly plastic and therre4 cant b sterilized properly or sumthin. so i wanted 2 find a studio that used a regular hollo needle. i found places that were like, in seattle n' stuff but i wanted sumthin closer and then i found Body Jewelry +, at the supermall. i talked 2 them and they used a hollo needle and they only charged $20 4 a lobe. so my mom, kristen and i went therre the day b4 skewl 6:08 pm. yea, the mall clozes @ 6 4 holidayz. so i bought my pink and red shoelaces @ journeyz, which wuz still open n' left. then my mom and i came the next day @ about 5 pm and i wuz fin'ly over my fear...but they needed a birth certificate. so we made an appointment 4 7:15, went home, got my birth certificate, i called kristen, and the 3 uv us left @ 6:45. we were a few minutes early so we looked around the store at the playboy "undergarments" and stuff...yea, then they said they were ready. i had 2 sign a paper 4 it, but my hand wuz shaking n' stuff so i hoped that they wudnt think it wuz fake. then i went bak 2 the chair...

me in the chair. and kristen holdin my i look soo scared...and y iz her hand doin that?

anesthetics...? um, I just look drugged. but they didn't do nethin like numb me so i dunno y. she wuz cleanin my ear out.

the actual piercing. i didnt realize she wuz actually piercing it then. it didn't hurt much at all. just burned a bit. my camera sayz wut time the pictures were taken so i kno that my left ear lobe wuz pierced at 7:23 pm on september 7, 2004 if u cared 2 kno.