1. You make this list.
2. You claim to be a character from Les Mis.
3. You want to marry a character from Les Mis.
4. You have an Eponine hat. (Or several.)
5. Your synonym for bad-ass is “Javert.”
6. You have an ID bracelet that says “24601.”
7. You blast Les Mis in the car.
8. You blast Les Mis everywhere.
9. You pick parts and octaves while singing along to Les Mis with your friends.
10. You constantly are singing “Do You Hear the People Sing?”
11. Your friends who haven’t seen the musical still know all the words to all the songs because you sing them so much.
12. Your solution to all problems is to build a barricade.
13. You call hotdogs “the Thenardier special.”
14. You cry when you listen to the soundtrack.
15. You sing and stage the Confrontation-in public-everywhere.
16. You embarrass people.
17. You have read the book...unabridged.
18. You read Les Mis fan-fic.
19. You write Les Mis fan-fic.
20. You talk about Colm Wilkinson and Michael Ball as if you know them. : ) We're not just obsessed with the characters here!
21. You discuss the book in detail.
22. There is a rule at your house like “No Les Mis at the dinner table.”
23. You have sewn a revolutionary cockade by hand.
24. You get waaaaay too excited when you study the French Revolution in history class.
25. Enjolras is a major sex symbol.
26. You make a Les Mis Shrine website. (From Jimmy!)
27. You talk about Les Mis everyday in chemistry class. (Dedicated to Jimmy)
28. You notice that you're not alone or and that Les Mis is infectious and everywhere, even places you wouldn't think. (From Jimmy!)
29. Two of your friends find your car in a parking lot and start singing when tomorrow comes. (From the Friggin Bill...based on actual events.)
30. You build a barricade pot in pottery class. Mine has a lid, and Enjolras is on the lid and he has a rifle and the red tablecloth. Look at the pictures! You can see my nice postcards from France in the background.

31. You make your boyfriend wear a Javert coat to the prom.
32. You sing Les Mis to babies to lull them to sleep, in the hopes of converting them while they are still young and impressionable.
33. Your natural response to blocks is to arrange them into the names of Les Mis characters.
34. Your friend gets you some Colm Wilkinson bootleg from the Canadian cast of Les Mis, and it is pretty bad because the vocalists are weak and the bootlegger gets caught in the middle of "Look Down," but then at the very end of the video there is random and awesome footage of Colm and Frances Ruffle in a recording session from 1985 singing "Bring Him Home," and "On My Own," respectively. You now worship the video.
35. You know Les Mis in other languages, primarily French.
36. You're learned a fair amount of French through the aforementioned soundtrack.
37. You dressed up like a barricade boy on the last day of high school ever...just because it was the outfit that most summed up your senior year.
38. Your best friend knit you a red and black blanket.
39. You contemplate stealing a loaf of bread when you go to the grocery store.
40. You have your boyfriend watch the Tenth Anniversary Dream Cast video with you, claiming that it will help him "understand you" better.
41. You also convinced the aforementioned boyfriend to dress up like a barricade boy (because he sure looks like one already, what with the pretty dark hair and sideburns) to please you, even though he is still not exactly sure what a barricade boy is.
42. You definitely wear your Les Mis shirt whenever you can!
43. You're not ashamed of it!!

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