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Blood By Calavity

Calavity's Rating: R

Blood. Red and sweet, flowing down my skin and staining my fur. Soon, Iíll die. Everlasting Cat, will that be a relief. Heís gone, and thatís all it would take. Blood. Blood. Blood.

I stood in horror as he explained. Bastard. How could he do this to me? "I still like you as a friend," he said. Like I could be his friend after what he did to me. He lied. He said we would be together forever. Admetus. A stupid name anyway. Why I was attracted to him, Iíll never know.

How was I attracted to him? Thatís easy. Jemima set us up. Damn Queen, always so innocent. I felt sorry for him, really. And, well, one thing led to another, and soon Iíve lost my innocenceÖDamn how I miss it. Sooner or later, Bomba steals every tom.

Thatís about when I stole for the first time. Macavityís knife was just sitting there on the tire and here it is in my paws. Cut, cut. Slit the skin. Blood, Blood, flowing down my arm. Now itís trickling down my leg. Whereís that paper? Last letter Iíll write. Bombaís secrets arenít secrets anymore.

"I actually didnít lose my virginity until last year." I almost burst out laughing. But I was innocent back then. Then came another one: "I was really unpopular as a kitten." Man was that a throw. She told me everything. Iím not sure why, but she did. Now every tom sheís known will find out.

I know what youíre all thinking. This isnít meÖ Well it is now.

Here comes death. I can feel it. Maybe a few more cutsÖAhh, thatís better. Iím about to die. Good-bye, Admetus. Good-bye, Bomba. Good-bye you all. Take a last look, Ďcause I, Victoria, arenít white anymore.

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