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Concealed Blog

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Missing Cayley
Mood:  chillin'
Yoi people. How goes it? This is Silvy. Mom and dad are at work so I'm happy all alone at home. Anyways. Cayley is in the little town of Hanna right now. She left right after our Jr.High grad to go and spend the summer there with her grandparents. I haven't seen her since that day, but we have been sending e-mails back and forth. And let me tell you, Cayley's e-mails hilarious... well to me atleast.

Cayley and I have both been writing music over the summer. We're planning on putting them together after Cayley is back. I miss her so bad but she'll be back on the 29th of August.

I'm working on a new song right now. Who here thinks that their middle school years sucked. I do. You guys remember the times your closest friends' personalities changed and they ditched you to hang out with the "popular" kids. And they became mean and started bullying you guys....remember those days?

There were no middle schools in Vancouver. Not that I knew of. I started going to highschool in grade 8 and it was fun. The summer after grade 8, my parents decided to move to Calgary. So then I had to go to a middle school. Fortunately, it was my last year of middle school since I would be in grade 9. But lemme tell you. It was PURE hell. Especially the so called "popular" girls. They're such a pain in the rear. I hate it when they get all up in your face. Most of them change rapidly just to be cool and they forget the nice people they were. That's why I hate middle school.

But lucky for me, I met Cayley. We actually met in band class. I played bass guitar and she played bass clarinet. So we sat right beside each other. She's been my best friend since. We tackled all the obstacles of middle school together. I still remember the memories. The mean girls, the bullying...everything. Middle school is pratically a hell on earth. So this song I'm writing is about the days of Jr.High School. How friends change, how you can get torn apart. I know my life would've been torn to piece if I hadn't found Cayley. She was my buddy and we had each other's back.

I have finished one verse of this song and I'm on the chorus. I'm hoping to get it done by this week. So anyways. To all of you who're still in middle school...all I have to say is, good luck mates. And to those who're in high school or going into high school, like me, congrats on surviving the torture of middle school. Well that's all for today. Later days.

Posted by musicals/heartofpranks at 5:06 PM
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