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My Family.....


In this page, I will tell you more about my family.

ŗ            My dadís name is Raman Rengasamy. He is 53 years old and work as businessman. My motherís name is Sampoornam Karuppan. She is 47 years old and she is a housewife. She often helps my dad in his business. Do you know that, I always think that Iím the luckiest guy in this world because god has given me loving parents.


ŗ           My eldest brotherís name is Ravi Shankar, 31 years old works in JB as a System Coordinator. He is married with my sister-in-law, Premalatha (28 yearís old) works in JB as a Logistic Officer. She is a UM graduate. They have two children, 1st Meshalinee (3 years old) and Meshantini (new born baby). I really love and sayang my niece very much because they are 1st girls in our family.


ŗ          My second brotherís name is Uganathan, 29 years old work as Captain in Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC) married with my sister-in-law, Jayanthy( 27 years old) housewife and they have 1 son, Naveen Raj (1 years old)


ŗ         My third brother name is Mohanadas, 26 years old work as Manager in JB. He is a UTM graduate and will be married my future sister-in-law, Geetha (26 years old). She is a UPM graduate and work as a lecturer in Seremban.

As I say before this, I really like my family and love very much my family. I always think that Iím the luckiest guy in this world for having a wonderful and lovely family.