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Mall Queen Central

Hey! Welcome to the grand opening of Mall Queen Me. As the title suggests, I'm a major mall queen. but don't get me wrong. I do care about things other than fashion and guys! I care about my hair and nails also. You could say I have a broad range of interests. Don't worry, I'm just joking. Don't think you're listening to a completely brain dead blonde. Though my hair is fair, I'm not a character out of clueless! Make sure to read my blog and keep up with me! Let me give you a brief description. I am 5'5", with quite a few more inches to go (I'm aiming for 5'8"), with highlighted blonde over honeyed locks. My eyes are blue with green flecks in the center. I play golf, I ski (which is a bit hard to do, living in Texas. Luckily, I started at the age of three and have been building frequent flyer miles ever since. I am very energetic, so I work out and run. I do well in my studies, and I attend high school. Math isn't my favorite, but biology is fun, and so is english. I hope to have a double major in Law and English, being a lawyer and freelance journalist on the side. That's about enough about me, so you can e-mail me about yourself at ; e-mail questions, advice, comments, ideas or thoughts, and expect to see them posted by the next day or sooner. If you send a question, I will post advice, and also send you a personalized e-mail with a more in-depth answer.

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