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"Such a dynamic Ensemble!!!"

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"SHOSHANA BEAN has one of the most unique voices you'll ever hear. The range on this girl doesn't stop!"


"the appealing TIM CAIN"

"CATHERINE CARPENTER's "Day By Day" is warm and sincere.

"WILL ERAT shows that he's one of those rare individuals who?s able to adapt a full, rounded, legit voice to pop/rock music without sounding ridiculous."

"BARRETT FOA is as hard working as he is charismatiac"

"the excellent LUCIA GIANNETTA"

"CAPATHIA JENKINS has the kind of voice that angels would envy."

"CHAD KIMBALL's energetic performance is bested only by his fine voice"

"When LESLIE KRITZER got each and every one of her laughs, which numbered in the dozens..."

"ELISEO ROMAN deserves a special nod for his magnificent rendition of "All Good Gifts."




*Rachael Bey replaced Capathia Jenkins midway through the run at the York Theatre Company.

Third Eye Rep Cast Photo

Capathia and Eliseo at the Broadway Inspirational Voices Concert and Poster for Broadway Inspirational Voices (Shoshana, Eliseo and Capathia are all members)
Click here for a video of a BIV rehearsal