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The audio files on this page are either RealAudio or MP3.It is strongly suggested that you right click the link you want to play and "Save Target As" on your computer, rather than playing it directly from this site. Click on the CD Cover to be directed to purchase it if available.

Highway Miles
Runaways with Jennifer Blood

Aquarius with Rosalind Brown and Company
Electric Blues with Michael Seelbach, Kathy Deitch, and Jessica Ferraro
Walking In Space

Play With Your Food with Bob Walton
Hold Your Head Up High (reprise) with Charis Leos
Now I've Seen You
Now I've Seen You (reprise) with Natasha Harper
(Found at The Go Go Beach Website)
A Day Like Today with Sara Ramirez
Go Go Beach with Ensemble
Surf's Up with Boys
It's All About Love with Alice Ripley, Miriam Shor, and Ensemble
Pray I Make P.A./Hard Work with Company
I Want To Make Magic
Hard Work (Reprise) with Company
I Want To Make Magic (Reprise) with Company
Let's Play A Love Scene (Reprise) with Jennifer Gambatese
Bring On Tomorrow
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