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Family Name: Crackpot (does that say anything about me??? -- Cotopax)
Purrticular Name: Cotopax
Purrsonal Name You really wanna know? No chance. I won't tell you -- Cotopax
Gender: Male
Purrsonality: Coto's a really cute tom and he loves flirting with the Jellicle queens. He's joking most of the time and loves teasing other cats. But he can also be serious and protective if anything happens to his friends.
Habits: Coto loves flirting and going to parties. He also loves playing chess, which his uncle taught him before he died.
Colouring & Markings: Coto's mostly white/gray with come brown and black stripes over his body. He has three dark brown spots on the left side of his chest. His left eye is dark brown, his right one is blue. The tip of his right ear is gray and he has a black stripe over his face, which is more brown than gray. The tip of his tail is also brown and his left paw is (really!) white.
Habitat: Coto lived with some humans, till they threw him out. Now he's looking for a habitat together with his friend Pearl in the Junkyrad
Tastes: Coto likes fish best. That's why he's often seen down at the docks with the fisermen.
Paw Print: :O

Coto lived with some humans for a long time. They brought him to a place near the Jellicle junkyard, when he was still a kitten, and left him there. He soon found the Jellicles and made many new firends.

Coto has't been to his first ball, yet, but he'll go this year.

-- G-Clef :0

Cotopax actually remebered himself.

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