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Audition/Performance Songs


Love Changes Everything - Aspects of Love.
If I Can't Love Her - Beauty and the Beast.
I'd Rather Die on My Feet than Live on My Knees - The Beautiful Game.
I Need To Know - Jekyll and Hyde.
This is the Moment - Jekyll and Hyde.
Close Every Door - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Grow for Me - Little Shop of Horrors.
Dentist - Little Shop of Horrors.
Suppertime - Little Shop of Horrors.
A Puzzlement - King and I.
Music of the Night - Phantom of the Opera. Baritone
One Song Glory -RENT
Halloween - RENT.
Poppa's Blues - Starlight Express.
Starlight Express.
Sunset Boulevard.


Our Kind of Love - The Beautiful Game.
If This Is All We're Fighting For - The Beautiful Game.
Beauty and the Beast.
A Change in Me - Beauty and the Beast.
Home - Beauty and the Beast.
Memory - CATS.
My Lord and Master - The King and I.
Hello Young Lovers - The King and I.
Something Wonderful - The King and I.
I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables.
On My Own - Les Miserables.
Somewhere That's Green - Little Shop of Horrors.
Think of Me - Phantom of the Opera.
Wishing You Were Somehow Heere Again - Phantom of the Opera.
Out Tonight - RENT.
He'll Whistle At Me - Starlight Express.
Make Up My Heart - Starlight Express.
Belle, the Sleeping Car - Starlight Express.
U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. - Starlight Express.
Only He -Starlight Express.
Surrender - Sunset Boulevard.
With One Look - Sunset Boulevard.
As If We Never Said Goodbye - Sunset Boulevard.


Don't Like You - The Beautiful Game.
Let Us Love in Peace - The Beautiful Game.
All the Love I have - The Beautiful Game.
No Matter What - Beauty and the Beast.
Me - Beauty and the Beast.
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser - CATS.
Gus; the Theatre Cat - CATS.
Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors.
We Kiss In a Shadow - The King and I.
Shall We Dance..? - The King and I.
Phantom of the Opera.
All I Ask of You - Phantom of the Opera.
The Point of No Return - Phantom of the Opera.
Light My Candle - RENT.
Another Day - RENT.
Tango: Maureen - RENT.
Next Time You Fall In Love -Starlight Express.
Girl Meets Boy - Sunset Boulevard.
The Perfect Year - Sunset Boulevard.
Too Much In Love To Care - Sunset Boulevard.


I Know Him So Well - Chess
Take Me or Leave Me - RENT.
By My Side - Godspell
Macavity - CATS.
God's Own Country - The Beautiful Game.
I Still Believe - Miss Saigon.
Movie in my Mind - Miss Saigon.
In His Eyes - Jekyll and Hyde.


Old Deuteronomy - CATS Confrontation - Les Miserables.
Mushnik and Son - Little Shop of Horrors.
Feed Me/Git it - Little Shop of Horrors.
Now (It's a Gas) - LIttle Shop of Horrors.
What You Own - RENT.


* Backing singers may be required.