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Original Cast

Cervantes (Don Quixote)-Richard Kiley

Sancho-Irving Jacobson

Aldonza-Joan Diener

The Innkeeper-Ray Middleton

The Padre-Robert Rounseville

Dr Sanson Carrasco-Jon Cypher

Antonia-Mimi Turque

The Housekeeper-Eleanore Knapp

The Barber-Gino Conforti

The Muleteers- Shev Rodgers, Harry Theyard, Eddie Roll, John Aristides, Fernado Grahal, Antony De Vecchi, George Marcy

Ensemble-Gerrianne Rahael, Marceline Decker, Renato Cibelli, Bruce MacKay, Ralph Farnworth, Ray Dash



Original Cast Recording Song List


Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)

It's All the Same


I'm Only Thinking of Him

I Really Like Him

What Do You Want of Me?

The Barber's Song

Golden Helmet

To Each His Dulcinea

The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

Little Bird, Little Bird

The Dubbing (Knight of tthe Woeful Countenance)

The Abduction


A Little Gossip

Dulcinea (Reprise)

The Impossible Dream (Reprise)

Man of La Mancha (Reprise)

The Psalm