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Hello all. If you're here then you must know about the rumored JCS movie. That's what this page is all about. Unfortunately there's very little info on it at the moment but as I collect more info it'll be put here for everyone to see. So far all that's really known about the movie is that it'll be directed by Craig Pearce ( Moulin Rouge), it'll most likely have a mixed setting of modern and traditional eliments, and it will have spoken parts added to it to help narrate the plot. Below you'll find all the info I've collected about the film so far


A Few Movie Details


Suddenly everyone's talking musicals. Call it the Moulin Rouge effect.

Star Nicole Kidman has been offered roles in two musicals. Now director Baz Luhrmann's screenwriting partner, Craig Pearce, is working on another two spectaculars.

One is a new version of Carmen starring Jennifer Lopez.

The other is a Hollywood film of Jesus Christ Superstar that, in the style of Romeo + Juliet, combines both traditional Middle Eastern and hard-edged contemporary images evoking both Desert Storm and the British in Ireland.

"Jesus Christ Superstar was originally written as a concert piece," Pearce says. "They were going to get a playwright to write a book but they never did, so it's kind of like edited highlights of the last stage of Jesus' life. This is an attempt to expand the narrative so you have more insight into the characters and a more satisfying narrative journey using the fabulous Rice/Lloyd Webber music."

For the full article, go here

Possible confirmation by RUG

On 8-14 I e-mailed RUG asking if the rumors of the JCS film were true or not. The reply I got was:

"Thank you for your email and positive comments. Unfortunately the answer to your question is that we do not have any information for you on this subject at present - all new details are put on our website as soon as they are announced.


The Query Master"

Well in all my e-mailings to RUG (and there's been a lot of them) I've never had them beat around the bush unless there was some truth to the subject. In the past if a rumor was simply a rumor, they'd say so. This reply leads me to believe that the JCS film is infact on it's way into production.

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