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Five Guys Named Moe

This page is run is run by Stacey, as Garah's knowledge of this show is limited to seeing "Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens" on the Tony awards. ;-)

OK, it's more than I've seen, but that's beside the point. I first got into this when I was a kid. "Is you Is, Or Is You Ain't my Baby?" is a song I had often heard.

I was out shopping one day and flicked through CD's when I picked up "Hey Mr Producer" and found that "Is You Is..." was from Five Guys Named Moe. I continued searching, found the OLC (For 4!!!) and bought it.

I remembered that an actor friend of mine, Rob Grose had been in Five Guys a few years back. I knew all of his credits were easy going with an edge so I knew I would love the show.

I played the CD as soon as I returned home (After a LONG chat with Rob about the show) I loved the upbeat nature of the title song, the blues and jazzy numbers that showed off great voices and (I'm sure) actors. The lyrics worked well, but not as well as the live show did.

The week before Rob left the cast of Starlight Express, he told me he had 'a present' for me. As we said our farewells (for the time) he gave me a cassette of the complete London show (on which all info on this site is based).