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Inspirational music can be understood in two ways as a manifestation of our higher intuition or inner self, or else as the 'channeled' message of some spirit or spiritual energy. All of which is really just saying the same thing.. because in the Spirit we are all in communion, and inspirational music is one of the very best methods of achieving communion... :-)

Beautiful soul with lighted eyes Has no wings yet yearns to fly Music to soul as wind for flight Carry you onward through the night Peaceful joy and bliss within Spirit seeker, play and dance For loves first kiss On a heart take chance The drummers beat The rhythm of time The music plays and we begin to dance Spinning wildly into trance Energy merging with each breath Pulses rising from the depths From chakra one to number five I feel the life force, I am alive Oh beautiful one with lighted eyes Your music is my wind to fly To gaze on you, I have not seen But you are with me in my dreams ~cindy 10-03

Despite the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence that music heals, the medical establishment will argue that there is no "proof" of the efficacy of music - nothing which meets the rigorous requirements of the scientific method. But healing isn't about science. Healing is about people. And real people are experiencing very real results from the healing power of music, often through the efforts of volunteers, in hospices, senior centers, and in cancer and children's wards. Stress is the number one indicator of the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. More than diet, more than family history, more than weight.
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People undergoing surgery require less anaesthesia, awaken from anaesthesia more quickly and with less side effects, and heal more rapidly when healing music is played before, during and after the surgical procedure. Patients recovering from heart attacks and strokes respond much more quickly to treatment when soothing music is played in their rooms.
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Many studies have shown the incredible effects that music has on chronic pain. People suffering from back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pain from injuries; all benefit from using music. Physical therapy is much more effective when combined with music. And burn victims experience much less pain when music they choose and enjoy is employed during their treatments. Individuals suffering from depression need less medication and have more success in psychotherapy when music is added to their course of treatment. Grief, loneliness, even anger; are all managed much better when appropriate music is added to therapy. Autistic children and children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder all react positively to music therapy. Kids with learning disabilities show remarkable improvement in mathematics, reading and reasoning skills when they are exposed to appropriate music. The results are magnified many times when these same children have an opportunity to make music.

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