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Like you really care, but...
Updates: 9/12 STARRLA- 1 new Demafic added, fanart and photo page spiffed up
Updates: 9/13 STARRLA- tons of pics added
Updates: 9/17 STARRLA- 1 new Demafic and 1 very corrupt Starrfic added
Updates: 9/20 DEMA- Scanned in fanart and reallife pics
Updates: 9/21 DEMA- Maniacal page
Updates: 9/22 STARRLA- JACK page
Updates: 9/23 STARRLA- 1 new Demafic (the start of the corrupt Dema fics) and 1 corrupt Starrfic, even more corrupt than the last one!
Updates: 10/13 DEMA- updated Maniacal page, spiffed up fan fic page
Updates: 10/22 DEMA- tons of work on cast picture pages! STARRLA- Updated JACK, created TYBALT and ROGER!
Updates: 10/25 DEMA- Scanned the pics of Starrla's trip to Boise!!! STARRLA- updated her pic page!!! STARRLA- Halloween Page
Updates: 11/9 STARRLA- Tybalt, Roger, and Credits (I'm on a roll!)
Updates: 11/10 DEMA- updated maniacal page
Updates: 11/11 STARRLA- created must read page
Updates:11/13 DEMA- All photo galleries updated, Dema's artpage2.html updated. (this is a little late but 2 new demafics added)
Updates:11/25 DEMA-added demalurina's tale part 4, updated hamburg photo gallery
Updates:12/16 STARRLA- Christmasized the index, fanfics, updates, and various other things. And created Mother's Younger Brother page
Updates:01-01-01 STARRLA- put up Part 1 of 'I Can't Believe this is the End' fanfic a few days ago, and put up Part 2 today! So Go READ!
Updates: 02/09 STARRLA- Created ...and then there was Anthony Rapp!
Updates: 02/11 STARRLA- Updated Must Read Page & Put up Intro to Silver on the Fanfics Page
Updates: 05/23 STARRLA-Updated RAPP page
Updates: 07/08 STARRLA- Updated JACK Holy Cow! Amazing, eh? But its just a real little change. But still...
Updates: 07/14 DEMA- Updated Dema pics WOOT! Updates: 07/14 STARRLA- Created BAT BOY! So go see it!