Does anyone else find all these Alonzo heads disturbing?

Enter Tybalt's Mind!

"My only love sprung from my only hate; to early seen unknown and known too late." - Romeo and Juliet
Sexy Studs

Heya everyone! I don't believe I'm really hear tonight! I have so many people who did so much for me, lets see, there's mommy, daddy, lil billy, cindy-sue, jimmy, nell, and we can't forget bobby! *is hooked with a cane and pulled off stage*
Sorry to disapoint anyone, but I'm actually only here because of one person, da da da daaaaa DEMA! And, sadly, I didn't win anything I'm only here because she commented that she was the only one updating anymore and I guess she's write, so I decided to create Tybalt.html
Okie now, I hope everyone was smart enough to figure out that they were already at Tybalt.html
*Maniacal Laughter* Don't tell me you clicked on that AGAIN! You're getting to be as bad as I am! Well...nevermind, that's not possible... MOVING ON!!!
Okay, now that you all know why I'm creating Tybalt.html
GOTCHA!! Didn't I?
So back to business, now that I've created this lovely edition to Jack, which I'm sure everyone is thrilled to see, perhaps I should atleast say something. I'll explain the colors: The background color is Fuchia, and YES we have seen this color before, it used to be Jack's background, until someone found it difficult to see, but that's alright because its on Tybalt now! YAY! And I DO still plan on getting my fuchia vinyl pants! As for the white color up top, that is NOT just any white, that is oooo, are you ready??? Its...da da da daaaaaa... GHOST WHITE! BOO! Scared you didn't I? You better believe I am scared speechless everytime I see this white, I mean, angelfire really has a way with coming up with colors, this couldn't pass for a regular white if it tried! And tell you what, that GHOST WHITE was just so scary that I had to switch to black... nope, no strings attached to this one, just plain old BLACK! BLACK! BLACK!
Ooooooh! I'm tricky aren't I? I bet none of you saw this green coming! *does the happy (I won) dance (very dorky looking)* Well guess what? If you are viewing this page after October 23rd then that means that...NO! It does not mean free alcoholic beverages for all, *slaps Dema*, it means that my Starrpics are up! Whoooo! So go check them out I have truely mastered the evil grin... Well I'd really like to stay and chat, and believe me I will LATER! When I ever get the time, but I have to go off to the lovely world of highschool math and monologues now... ta ~ Starrla

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