Hello, and welcome to Ro-jay! (Pronounced the French way, STUPID!!!) Roger is one of my three special pages, and he is very close to my heart. If I ever catch anyone talkin' shit about my boys (Jack, Tybalt, or Roger) You can count on a very sloooow, drawn out, and painful death, all you have to do is read about me in Dema's fics to know that. *giggles maniacally*
Well I'll start off by telling you why the name Roger rocks: It rocks because Roger in the Golden Compass Trilogy ROCKS! And also because Roger in RENT, is one of my VERY favorite characters! So don't nobody diss Ro-jay, or you'll answer to moi!
Now down to business. *elbows the hysterically giggling Dema* "Yeeeeeees! I did actually have a plan when I started this page." *breaks the serious tone and giggles uncontrollably* "Dammit! You made me give it all away!" *looks innocent* Dema- "No you don't!" Starrla- "Yes, I do!" Dema- "You never look innocent!" Starrla- "Yeah, I know... But I like to pretend anyhow."
Now that we've delt with that, lets *REALLY* get down to business, and my business is: HALLOWEEN ROCKS! Don't you give me any crap about that not being a matter of business, because it is! Along with the Forth of July, Halloween is one of the best holidays! And both Dema and I are going to dress as Cats, so we'll put up our pics on our Halloween
page, as soon as we get them scanned! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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Mother's Younger Brother

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