...and then there's Anthony Rapp!

There are all my other mindless obsessions...

...and then there's Anthony Rapp!

Well I'm sure by now everyone is familiar with how many people I am infatuated with, if you aren't sure then you better check out my other pages so you know what I'm talking about.
Out of all of those pages, this page is definately the best. Do you know why? Come on, take a guess. Because its about Anthony Rapp, stupid! Anthony Rapp is a stud! He is my favorite person in America! Or probably in the world for that matter. I idolize him! Anthony Rapp! Anthony Rapp! Anthony Rapp!
Anthony Rapp is a god! A god I tell you! Le sigh! There is a short bio of his carreer, along with pictures of him in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, on the You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Anthony Rapp played Charlie Brown in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. He also played Mark on RENT! He created the role of Mark when RENT opened OffBroadway, Broadway, and London! (In the RENT poster here, Mark is the guy in the middle right above the "RENT", he's such a cutie! I love him! He is so amazing! Among other things he has also appeared in X-Files, although I'm not sure which episode(s)...?
I did get to see RENT recently (less than a month ago!) in Seattle, WA. Of course I didn't get to see Anthony Rapp as Mark, but it was still sooooo incredibly awesome! Oooh, I'm still in awe! One of my many souveneers from my trip to Seattle, and seeing RENT is my RENT beanie I know its a ski hat, and a ski hat is not a beanie. But that's what I want to call it! So there! Tough luck! Go cry to someone else, because I WILL call it a beanie, and there is nothing you can do about it! HAH HA HA HA HAH! (CB's laughter from StEx)
Well I will have more on this page later. Tons more: more on Anthony Rapp (America's number one product), more on my trip to Seattle, more on RENT, and more on You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Oh, and don't forget to check out Anthony Rapp's site! And the RENT site!

Until then...


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