Come Meet Mother's Younger Brother

Come Meet Mother's Younger Brother

Mother's Younger Brother is one of the most recent loves of my life. (By this time I hope you've realized how many I have.) Even though I've found someone new to adore doesn't meen I've forgotten anyone, I still love Tybalt, Roger, and Jack just as much as ever if not more. All this means is that I'd like to indroduce you to this lovely obsessive pyro maniac who works at a firework factory, his name is Mother's Younger Brother.

And no this is not *my* mother's younger brother, my mom doesn't even have a younger brother. This is my *very* favorite character from the musical Ragtime, and in that musical several people don't really have names, and he is one of them, so you'll have to put up with his extrordinaraly (I already know I can't spell so don't bother telling me.) long name, or you can call him MYB for short. *hopes that that isn't slang for something aweful, and if it is, dammit, then tell me!* That's all for now, more updates on this Broadway heart throb later... ~Starrla

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