I'M BAAAAACK!!! Mwa! Now you will never escape me! Muahahahaha! er....unless you figure out how to use the 'back' button on your browser. But until then, YOU'RE MINE! Not that I'm going to do anything to you....besides corrupt your mind, and make you as insane as I am. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE WORLD IS FULL OF IDIOTS AND I AM THEIR QUEEN!! *ahem* yes, well, anyway, this is the first time in *forever* that I've updated this page. I'm full of maniacal ramblings, but I'm sure half of them wouldnt interest you. (okay, *over* half!)

You know, I'm starting to hate ALW. He's closing CATS in london, Starlight Express, and considering Phantom, just so some new musicals can come out. ESSE MEINE SCHEISSE WEBBER!!! .....I mean seriously, how can he get rid of everyone's favorites in favor of some dumb new show, thought up by a half-drunken idiot with a bit of musical talent?! I swear, musicals have gone to pot in the last ten years. The only concessions I'll make are to The Producers (I love Matthew Broderick!) and to Mamma Mia! which I"ve been told (but have not yet experienced) is a fabulous musical based on the songs of Abba. Will someone tell me about it? Please?

That's it! I'm starting a movement against ALW!! I think we should all send him hateful letters, that portray our outrage against this travesty! Who's with me??? *dead silence* ......FINE!! I HOPE YOU KNOW THIS IS HOW HITLER STARTED OUT!! *Jawohl mein Fuhrer!! Du Bist!* When I'm a big famous dictator, I'll remember each and every one of you who didnt support me, and I'll torture you!! Muah. I'd say....several hours of Oklahoma!, The Wiz, and Meet Me in St. Louis, is bound to break down the hardest of spirits. Yes, that will do just fine......*runs off to her cardboard box to plot her evil takeover of the world (along with the musical industry).

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